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Bobby, shirt on but unbuttoned, must now address claims by his wife that he is working more than ever, and here's where practice pays off.. The kids have tired of their antics and are playing with a truck in the corner. As Bobby begins to explain, the phone rings; it's the hospital spokesman for him, and he shifts into overdrive mode, asking questions and barking orders. Ruth the Driven gets on the phone, and the two haggle over next steps, with Ruth revealing that two cops were killed. She wants Rikers and the chair, he claims that will only lead to suicide and that he can keep Wendell alive until sentencing. Suddenly, an axle comes off the toy truck, the kids get louder, and Bobby snaps, yelling at them to knock it off and causing the color to drain from the evaluating psychiatrists' stunned faces. They start scribbling notes in a moment that does not put Bobby in the running for Dad of the Year. Oops.

Another statement to the press: Rickle has been admitted to the hospital, and competency evaluations will begin to determine his fitness to take responsibility for his actions. A hard-edged reporter asks for confirmation of allegations that Rickle was refused treatment last week, but discovers only that the claim is under investigation.

It's time for Lyla and Neil to get the 411 on the baby -- the doctor says there's "definitely been some significant contact," and explains that babies' brains continue to develop after they're born, so there will be no way to determine the full extent of the damage for up to two years. She asks if it was easy for them to conceive, which it wasn't, so she tells them that they're dealing with the unknown and that if they decide to have the baby, it will be a "game of chance. It's luck and faith."

After a quick cut to Bobby pleading with the psychiatrists to let him keep his boys, it's back to Lyla and Neil. She talks about wallpaper for "his" room, then admits to cheating (a nurse slipped on a pronoun) as it becomes clear that Neil doesn't know the sex of the baby. She starts explaining what happened with Rickle -- she was attending, she felt tired and sick, she'd been puking all morning, and she didn't listen (cut to a wide-eyed Wendell being wheeled somewhere). Implication: professionally speaking, pregnant women are hormone-addled incompetents. That's really nice. She didn't like the guy, remembers the "feeling of just wanting him gone, of just wanting him out of there." She's feeling guilty because he asked for help and she sent him away, and she's feeling overwhelmed because she's somehow got "the power over life and death today." Lyla's decided that she wants to have the baby, and, as the music swells, Neil says he's with her. Lyla: "Good. Because that's all I need. And you know I've always been lucky. I found you, right?" Let the game of chance begin!

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