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the craftsmanship of the piece itself. Andres liked it a lot. With Proud Pussy, Jerry's joined by Bill in saying that regardless of whose idea it is -- and thank God the show's editors are allowing that point to be underscored, because nothing grabs a viewer's attention like the illusion of somebody not getting the praise they deserve -- she was pretty amazing for letting people touch her body with markers.

Jeanne finds Erik's "social complaints" to be numerous, but missing from the art. Andres agrees. And Nao, Jeanne explains, is a performance artist who couldn't explain her performance. Bill didn't find Jaime's piece compelling, and Andres suggests scaring her into being a better artist. Jeanne loves Jerry's idea of having John suck his own dick, and Bill agrees that it was jokey and not shocking enough. I'm really disappointed with John this week. I just can't tell if he has it or not, and I think he'd agree, and that's the problem.

Of Jaclyn and Abdi, one wins immunity: And it's Abdi. For making the only piece that was not shocking in any way, but still was better than everything else. That's so Abdi!

So for double-elimination it's Nao, Erik, John and JL. China seems a bit upset by this elimination. Jerry calls John a fake, Jeanne calls Nao a "scatological mess," Bill takes Jaime to task for once again being "not wild enough," and China Chow tries to explain to Erik that choosing a taboo subject and waving your hands toward it going oooooo is not the same thing as being an artist. A lesson they've tried to teach him each week so far. Which of these four will go home? I hope it's Nao and Erik, but I fear it'll be Jaime and... Hmm. Anybody but John, that would be the worst-case. I have no idea who the other one will be.

Jaime is... SAFE! Crazy. Erik is safe. Dammit. Although I guess given the options, his was a lot more attractive than the other two. At least he tried, as hard as he always does, which John basically did not do. And I think there's a little asterisk by his name on everybody's voting cards reminding them that he's not got the advantages of all the other artists, like for instance how they're artists.

Well, so that's John and Nao. Quite a sacrifice to make, but one I'm willing to make to get Nao out of here. I think it says something that I'm more upset about how damned cute he is and less about his bright-pink art style. Also, that thing was a piece of crap.

While John tells us that his mistake was in trying to impress Andres Serrano -- which, in a nutshell, is a mistake nobody can afford to make -- Nao explains: "Failure is completely okay in the process of making art -- we have to really push beyond our own boundaries and be able to fail." I love how even failing at art makes her a better artist than everybody else: "I don't know that the kind of work I make has been valued in a fine art gallery situation," she says, as though that proves the nonexistence of "fine art gallery situations."

I can't wait for her drunk speech at the reunion. ("Honestly I can only give him a personal critique nobody would ever know unless they personally respond to me would know what my personal response is. And that is of me. And personally I believe that you can't like push the boundaries and like Johnny Cash. Walk the line.")

I'll miss you, John, but I'm glad Jaime Lynn gets another shot. And that Penguin commission sure won't hurt. Next week, JL's going to do some kind of pageant queen thing, I'm guessing, while Proud Pussy will find a compelling reason to take naked pictures of herself. Ryan will explain that he is a "tortured rock star" who disdains Urban Outfitters and -- like any good hipster -- hipsters, while Miles pines pointlessly and waits for his (500) Days Of Nicole to finally start. And China Chow, O the outfits she will wear.

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