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Back at home, Ryan and Mark talk about Ryan's piece. He says he wouldn't be proud of it normally, but he thinks he can explain it in a way that will work. Mark tells him he loves him, but he looks drunk, stoned and ... Ryan finishes: "I look like I'm dead." He says he needs to sleep on it, because that's how he makes art: You make it, then you sleep, and wake up to see if it's wine or vinegar. Next morning, they're back at the studio with an hour to go. Nicole says it's going to be very personal, so facing the critics will be very tough. Mark says everyone is stressed, except Miles, which is no surprise, since he's made that piece several times. Ryan is meditating on his piece. He's decided to add torn-up construction paper, which he'll carefully dishevel, "like I do with my own hair." Jaclyn's pulling the piece together by thinking about how she used to climb trees as a kid to escape. She's going to hang the pipe cleaners and pom poms like they're hanging from the trees. Miles says Jaclyn's piece is so cold it makes him want to put on a hat, coat, and mittens. Abdi thinks his piece is good, and he hopes he doesn't let his mom down. Mark's done with his book, and Ryan likes it, but tells him not to talk about it too literally. Simon's there to tell them time's up.

Our seconds-long clip within the commercials is the group eating the lunches Simon brought: juice boxes, apples, and other nostalgic treats. They all thank him. And then it's back to commercials. I really do not get why Bravo does that.

Gallery. Artists line up in front of the judges: Jerry, Bill and guest judge Will Cotton, a celebrated New York painter. Jeanne's away curating a show in Europe. Must be a big show to take up all of Europe. China, who's dressed in an odd, yellow, geometric dress and has her hair in a fake-bob, reminds them all what their challenge was and then opens up the gallery. Abdi's piece, "Straight Line," is a wall full of very simple drawings. Will feels like it's a life story told through images. Abdi named it after people saying, "I can't even draw a straight line." And one of the drawings is, in fact, a straight line. If he really came up with that with three hours left, that's some pretty cool thinking and execution. Mark's book, "Origin Issue," is sort of comic-book style, illustrating the finer points of what made him an artist. China says it's a side of him they haven't seen. Peregrine's "Rainbow" is ballsy, according to Will. She says it's her homage to people she knows who have died of AIDS, and she's given a lot of herself. A group of kids think these are all "great art."

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