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Writing the Book on Narcissism

Previously on I'm A Semi-Famous Artist, Get Me Out Of Here, Trong was eliminated and Miles won. Again. After literally creating two concrete assholes to represent something about sleeping, then falling asleep on his artwork during the gallery show. After the show, the women are at home, where Nicole says she really wanted to win, but she thinks Miles deserved it. Judith thinks that's crazy pants. John's like, "Miles is talented and all, but what do I have to do to win? Sleep in the gallery? Or make an ass out of concrete?" My thoughts exactly.

The artists show up to see China, but she's surrounded by question marks. It's like a game show! There is a lot of drama, as Miles picks "Monster" (he thinks he'll have to create a monster out of giant Helvetica question marks, which is no sweat), Judith picks "Love," others pick "Good Vs. Evil," "Adventure," etc. Once they've all drawn (and it seems two people got each word set), they go to the other side of the question marks to reveal giant book covers. They all appear to be Penguin Classics. There are six books: Dracula (Jaime Lynn and Mark drew "Immortal," so they'll individually make that cover), Frankenstein (Miles and Abdi drew "Monster"),

Pride and Prejudice (Judith and Jaclyn drew "Love"), The Time Machine (John and Peregrine drew "Time Travel"), Alice in Wonderland (Nicole and Erik drew "Adventure"), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Ryan and Nao drew "Good Vs. Evil"). The president and publisher of Penguin Books shows up to tell them how important a book cover is. She says they have to find a way to distinguish themselves. Also, the winner will have their work published on a Penguin book, for sale all over America, but they won't receive immunity. Erik thinks this would be awesome for his family and his dogs (?), because HE'S NOT A REAL ARTIST. Has he mentioned that?

Shopping. Ryan wants to get his polar contrasts of good vs. evil into his painting. Jaclyn hasn't read Pride and Prejudice, but has seen the movie so decides to have herself photographed nude for the cover, which she thinks will be very appealing. Not that she's full of herself or anything. John wants bright colors you can see from across the room. Workroom. Mark's never read Dracula, but he wants to represent it in a younger, more modern way. That actually makes sense in this vampire-loving age. Miles feels guilty for not reading the book, so he decides to take four hours to do that. Jaime Lynn is a Christian and wants to focus on spirituality. On that note, she needs to redeem herself after sucking last week. Nao's thinking of a self-portrait since she's a Jekyll and Hyde type. John wants to make a time machine that he'd want to ride in, all about gay culture and what he likes to drink. Wow, these people could not be more self-absorbed. Is that a requirement of being an artist?

Peregrine takes a different approach and talks about the book's narrative. Abdi, who's obviously read Frankenstein, also talks about what the book's about and decides to do a sculpture. Jaclyn decides to do her nude photo shoot in the bathroom, which she says is difficult because she's so shy. Nao uses the bathroom while Jaclyn's in there and she wonders how this sensual photo has to do with Pride & Prejudice. Judith is making a floral pattern out of her fingerprints, because she just cannot be a literal person. Because she's a fine artist. Everyone worries that Miles isn't going to be able to finish. They shouldn't worry too much, since he has immunity.

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