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A Losing Pair

Previously on They're All So Childish, Let's Give Them An Act-Like-A-Child Challenge, Ryan was eliminated for not being childish enough -- and we were finally sad to see someone go. After eight weeks, and nine eliminations. Peregrine won. There's still a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum on the line, and $100,000.

Mark wakes up the next morning, unsettled that his last roommate, Ryan, is finally gone. In the other room, Jaclyn's proud of Peregrine because now they've all won. She must mean everyone in their room, because Mark still hasn't won. Abdi gives himself a morning pep talk, and says he hasn't felt good about anything he's done since the challenge he won. But anything short of winning scares him, "for real." Simon and China greet them in the workroom that morning to tell them there are only two more challenges until the finale. This week's challenge: They'll work in teams to create pieces with opposing themes. Peregrine chooses a paint tube first: It says "heaven and hell." Abdi's says "order and chaos." Jaclyn's says "male and female." Mark assumes she'll do something undressed, "but once you've seen 'em, big deal." Nicole gets paired with Abdi, Miles with Jaclyn and Peregrine with Mark. The pairs will decide who gets to depict which word, and their pieces must work together. One team will win, but only one artist will go home.

Thirty minutes of planning. Nicole and Abdi discuss how similar order and chaos really are. Nicole's going to do something with a screwdriver, and Abdi has no idea what to do. Miles is excited to work with Jaclyn, because he thinks she'll come up with something pretty "saucy" given her past pieces. He wants to depict a man losing control, so she'll depict a woman gaining it. He wants to punch a hole in a wall, and she wants to do a painting. Jaclyn's excited to be paired with him, since he's a good technician, but is a little concerned because of how good he is at convincing people (read: her) to follow along with his ideas. Mark and Peregrine discuss heaven and hell, which mean a lot to Mark since he's Catholic. He has definite ideas of lightness for heaven and darkness for hell. Peregrine thinks that's too literal and that she has a better sense of conceptual art. He wonders what she'd want to do, personally, and she's like, "I don't know." He thinks she's defensive, which isn't good for a group challenge. I think she's disappointed to be with him. He asks her if she can be nude for the piece, and she isn't sure. Then she asks him about his scar (apparently he didn't treat a stomach condition as a kid and has a scar from where it exploded). He thinks, since this means nothing to him, it isn't really hell, but she thinks it would be interesting to do two photos of him. He agrees to be the subject, and he takes heaven. She takes hell.

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