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A Losing Pair

Abdi's happy that Nicole's piece is so great, but that he's not helping her out at all. He calls Miles over to look at his painting. Miles gives him some input, but ultimately likes it. Jaclyn thinks it's stuck between figuration and abstraction. She thinks hers is better, because she's like an idol. Not that she's obsessed with herself or anything. Miles tells Jaclyn that the mirror thing might not work for hers, and he's going to use some tar that Ryan apparently bought during a previously challenge. He admits that he told Ryan it was hard to work with so he didn't use all of it. Sneaky! Apparently, they can use stuff from previous challenges? What's the point of the money limit, then? Nicole talks about what she has left to do the next day. And in her interviews this episode, she has red spots all over her face. Maybe she's allergic to woodshop. Or working with Abdi.

Back at home that night, Miles is super-happy about living with Abdi, but isn't sure how Mark will fit in now that he's moving in. Abdi greets him warmly and then interviews that he hopes Mark realizes he has a friend in him at least, since he knows Mark feels ostracized. Awww. Abdi's a good egg. The next morning, Peregrine calls her husband because she's feeling freaked out. She doesn't want to go home on this piece. Mark and Miles hate each other over breakfast, and Abdi's nice to everyone. Miles is super-excited to see how the tar reacted to the acrylic resin. Jaclyn hates the tar idea, because her piece was supposed to resonate with his piece because he was incorporating a mirror. Peregrine decides to fill the grommeted holes with cigarettes, so she and Miles walk the streets and collect them. She's drawn on his face and put paint and glitter on everything. It looks very immature. She should have made this one last week, probably. Mark also hates it. Because, you know, it's a giant picture basically making fun of him. Or that's how it reads.

Simon warns them that time's almost up, so they're all scrambling and pushing it down to the wire. Time's up, so they head to the show. Abdi looks at his piece, and wonders why he would decide to do something he's never done before in the second-to-last challenge. Um, maybe because he's completely indecisive? Then there's a commercial followed by everyone talking about what art means to them. It's pretty pointless and stupid with words like, "ephemeral moment" and "moral ambiguity," but without a single discernible thought.

Gallery. China, in a tiny dress covered in giant sequins, introduces Bill, Jerry, and "art-world sensation" Ryan McGinness (Jeanne's still in Europe). Miles loves him, making me immediately skeptical. Miles says, "I adore your blacklight installations." That's right: Blacklight. Installations. They open the gallery to the judges and "public." Terence Koh is at the show. So's Samantha Mathis. Miles loves his own piece, and is proud of Jaclyn, even though he reminds us that he talked her into this. She's also proud of it. Kyra Sedgwick is checking out Nicole's piece, and tells her she loves that you can touch art, for a change. They can't figure out what Abdi's piece is, and wouldn't have expected this from chaos and order. Mark and Peregrine are sort of happy with theirs, but it really isn't good. It looks like something I could make, and I don't even know anything about art.

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Work of Art




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