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A Losing Pair

The judges want to talk to all of the artists for the crit. Starting with Mark and Peregrine. She goes first and explains the concept, starting with the scar, that scared Peregrine when she saw it. They ask to see the scar, and while Mark shows it, Miles assholes by covering his eyes at Mark's belly fat. The judges don't want to discount the pain it took to make this, but they think this piece is very literal -- and is not like heaven or hell, but more like limbo. Whatever that means, JERRY. Mark says he gave himself to Peregrine's idea of the subject, and she says he could have given her more to work with. Miles says that Mark plays it safe and just stood there, like, "Here I am," while Peregrine inserted her materials into her piece. God, he makes everything personal. Because he doesn't like Mark, like with Erik before him, he pulls this crap with the judges (and we all know they adore him, so it probably spells doom for Mark).

Miles and Jaclyn are next. He explains their concept to us for the hundredth time. They wonder how her piece is about control, and she says it's her masturbating. Bill FINALLY notices that she must have issues she's trying to sort out about herself, but he thinks these pieces worked great together. He likes that they're not literal, so they can contemplate what's going on here. They ask Miles if he punches walls and ask Jaclyn if she masturbates standing up. She's like, "I have. Yeah." But she'd also just say what they want to hear. So, whatever. They love it. Nicole explains how she took the social structure, and Abdi explains his painting. The judges don't get the correlation at all. Plus, they think Nicole's piece is "rinky-dink" and Abdi's isn't chaos and is unoriginal. Jerry's beginning not to trust Abdi's vision itself. Abdi asks what they'd like to see, and Ryan tells them that's the wrong approach: He should ask himself. China excuses them so the judges can discuss. And they do: They thought Mark and Peregrine both failed by going for the simple, obvious answer. They disliked Mark's work more than Peregrine's, but think both really sucked. Bill feels like Jaclyn's and Miles's pieces worked well together. Ryan thinks they are strong pieces, but actually don't work well together. Ryan thinks Nicole and Abdi had the most difficult topic: order and chaos. Ryan liked that you have to interact, but thinks it fell short in presentation, and that there was no chaos in the presentation. They also think his painting doesn't take you anywhere or tell you anything about anything. China wonders who they're sending home, and Bill says there are three people in deep trouble tonight, in his mind. Hey, I have an idea: Get rid of them all!

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Work of Art




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