Fall Pilot Season: Worst Week

by Angel Cohn September 23, 2008
Worst Week Premiere

It begins innocuously enough. A dopey-looking guy, who could pass for a DeLuise brother, is standing around an insanely large apartment with a pretty girl in a skimpy tank-top and pajama bottoms, and he's got his hands on her stomach and says he feels the baby moving. She dismisses him, because it's way too early... not to mention that she has the flattest stomach on earth. He has already nicknamed the baby "Batman," claiming it is a family name, and I think I already hate this show. Girl says not to call the baby that. She's being über-organized for their upcoming trip. Douchey guy is tasked with leaving an outgoing message, in which he decides to tell the world that they are out of town for a week at her parents' because it's her dad's 60th birthday party. Doesn't he know better than to tell the people who may be calling that you are going out of town? And who has a landline anymore? He then also tells the answering machine that he plans on telling his in-laws that he's impregnated their daughter out of wedlock, and that he plans on marrying her now that she's knocked up, but it's fine, since her parents already hate him. Pregnant fiancée girl comes over and stops him... finally. But instead of chastising him for leaving a stupid message, she instead tries to placate him and tell him that her 'rents don't hate him, even though he once flooded their house. Because that's been fixed, and forgive and forget or whatever.

She suggests that the solution for this is that he spend more time with her family. But he's got an office party to go to (he's assistant editor at "the magazine") and he's office iPod DJ. Clearly, he can't miss that. Pregnant fiancé girl reminds him that he needs to be at her family's house by 9 PM so that they can tell them the "news" after dessert. Her mom's making cherry pie. Yum. So far that's the most appealing thing about the show. Except he doesn't like pie. (What kind of guy is he?) The phone starts ringing, she checks the caller ID, sees that her dad is on the line. She can't find the phone. Douche guy is like, um... I didn't delete the outgoing message. Cue mad scramble to find the phone before her dad finds out that he's an idiot (which he probably already knows). He catches it in the nick of time. Says that it is Sam. Clearly dad has no idea who "Sam" is. He's like, "um, Mel's friend." And then he passes the phone off to Mel. Credits.

So far, all of about five minutes in (though, admittedly, this is the second time I've had to watch it... for work... the things I do for this job, I swear), I'm wondering who had the brilliant idea to bring this show across the pond. Where it was Worst Week of My Life and just as stupid, except slightly better, because everyone had British accents, which somehow makes it classier. But it was really only a miniscule amount better, because that was a pretty dumb show, too.

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