Fall Pilot Season: Worst Week

by Angel Cohn September 23, 2008
Worst Week Premiere

Drunk Nicky has a dirty suggestion, which she whispers in Sam's ear. He says he's flattered, and degraded. Good combination. He tells her he's practically engaged. She feels sick. He misunderstands, babbles about how he understands why she'd be attracted to him. Then she pukes all over him. Now the cab driver is pissed. Maybe this is New York. He wants to know how Sam would feel if he vomited at his place of business. Sam stupidly says that it would be difficult because there's a security person you'd have to get past. Really? I don't think the cabbie cares, because he takes off, leaving them by the side of the road. Now this seems like the suburbs, but there isn't another car in sight. It also seems like it's much later than the 9 PM time that he was supposed to be at his in-laws. And now I'm beginning to wonder how long it takes on the train to get to said in-laws. And if it isn't that far, why the need to go there for a whole week for a birthday party? Am I just overthinking this? Probably. Now Sam's shouting at the taxi about leaving. Then he calls Mel, who isn't picking up. Nicky's lying on the grass. Sam's trying to ditch her, saying it is only six miles from her house.

Next we see Sam he's lugging drunk Nicky through a torrential downpour. Then he's found a recycle bucket with wheels, puts her in that and drags her into her house and puts her on her bed. She's out cold this entire time. Which makes me wonder how he knows her house so well, where she lives... again with the overthinking.

At the Clayton casa, Angela's putting away dessert. Mel's phony smiling and calling Sam. Sam's in the shower at Nicky's. But there are no towels, even dirty ones. Of course. He wanders around Nicky's house naked to get clothes. At which point she wakes up and starts screaming. She's got mace and is irrationally upset, considering that she just propositioned him in the cab. She won't give him his clothes. She locks him out of the house. In a neighborhood where there is no one around, suddenly there is an elderly couple just happening to be standing outside Nicky's house staring at the door in case something happens. They give Sam a disgusted look and walk away. Sam starts picking through the garbage.

Now he's wearing a blue garbage bag as a diaper. He's somehow found a cab that will pick him up (even though the neighborhood is deserted) and arrives at the Clayton's McMansion. He throws rocks at their windows until the door opens. It's Dick. Who is less than pleased. But hey, he remembers Sam's name. Sam wants to know if he can borrow 80 bucks. Because he left his wallet in his other diaper. He thinks he's being charming, but he's just not. Wouldn't it have been easier for him to go home? And what cabbie would pick up an 80 dollar fare if he was wearing naught but a garbage bag diaper? Dick rolls his eyes, but lets him in.

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