Fall Pilot Season: Worst Week

by Angel Cohn September 23, 2008
Worst Week Premiere

Later that evening, Sam's pacing the guest room. Mel comes in and says that her parents are fine. They laughed about it. But she's clearly just trying to soothe the feelings of this man-child. He's starting to wonder if something is wrong with him. She says he just gets nervous around her family. She starts talking about how wonderful their baby will be and how they'll have a great life. Suddenly in his irrational mind he turns this into it being the dad's fault. He wants to go tell them about the baby at that very minute. She tries to dissuade him. She thinks he should find a way to erase the pain of the day before they drop the baby bomb on them. Just then the power goes out.

He heads off to the basement to fix it, with a candle. Which he just leaves on a random table. The same table that happens to house the painting that was commissioned for Dick's birthday. It is now all charred. He tries to fix it. But he makes it way worse by smudging it with his spit. Meanwhile, Mel proudly shouts how happy she is that he fixed the lights. And so ends the first episode. And I am put out of my misery.

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