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As dramatic music (and does the WWF use any other kind?) pounds in the background, we get a little clip package reminding us (or informing us, if you missed it) what happened on RAW Monday night. Vince addressed the concerns about his counting Austin's pin last week on Smackdown, saying that his New Year's Resolution is to be "fair in everything [he does]." Austin came out to inform Vince that he doesn't believe him, or trust him, like this is news. Later on RAW, Austin and Angle put on one hell of a match, one that had J-Dawg and I yelling from the couch, until we remembered that it was after 11 PM and our neighbors were probably sleeping, or trying to. Just when it looked like Austin had the match (and title) won, Triple H showed up and beat Austin in and out of the ring, drawing blood from Austin's bald head. Whew! That was a great RAW, largely for the last twenty minutes. And...credits.

Vince comes down to the ring to start the show. Mr. McMahon claims that he had nothing to do with Triple H, his son-in-law, interfering in Austin's match on Monday, and that Triple H has been "verbally reprimanded" for his attack. If people are wondering where the animosity between Triple H and Austin comes from, Vince suggests that they only need to look at all of the altercations between these two in the past year. This includes when Triple H had Austin run down by a car, and when Austin dropped Triple H's car using a forklift. Yeah, I guess that does constitute a feud. Vince says that this thing will be settled, because he has ordered a "twenty-four hour cooling-off period" between those two, and that both men have been discouraged from attending the show. The crowd is pissed that they paid good money and won't be able to see two of the federation's top stars. Vince says that Austin still wants a shot at the title, so Vince will "consider" letting Austin participate in the Royal Rumble. Also, Angle will take on the number one contender at the Royal Rumble -- and the new number one contender is Triple H. Vince thinks this is all fair; the crowd thinks differently.

More fairness from Vince -- he offered to let Triple H and Austin speak to the crowd via satellite, but only Triple H took him up on his offer. Cut to Triple H and Stephanie on the TitanTron. Vince reminds Triple H that he does not condone Triple H's attack on Austin. Triple H smarmily apologizes. Stephanie smarmily nods. Then Triple H changes his tune, saying that he's not sorry at all and Austin had better watch his back. Triple H says that he won't stop until Austin's career is over and Triple H is the champ. Stephanie chimes in, saying that Austin got what he deserved for ripping her shirt off and pouring beer on her. Triple H goes on to build up his match with Kurt Angle at the PPV by claiming that Angle is only still the champ because Triple H's attention has been diverted by other activities. Triple H thanks Vince for his "genius," and then Triple H's new music plays. I don't like it.

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