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Meanwhile, The Rock is in the house.

Hey, the Hardy Boyz got a ravioli commercial!

Back from the break, Edge and Christian can't believe that Triple H got a title shot. They decide to go cheer Kurt up, but he's not in his dressing room. The best part: one of them calls Kurt "pork chop." Huh?

The Hardy Boyz, fresh from shooting their ravioli commercial, head down to the ring with Lita. We are reminded that on RAW, Dean Malenko squirted mustard all over Lita, and then spied on her while she was washing off in the shower. The Hardyz came to the rescue, causing a "serious knee injury" for Dean. Tonight, the Hardyz will be partnering with Billy Gunn for some reason. It's like the WWF doesn't have enough time to fit in all the matches. What's that you say? The show is only an hour and a half long tonight? Ah. That explains the fact that there are about twelve wrestlers in each match.

Anyway, the opponents in this match will be Good Father, Bull Buchanan, and Val Venis (a.k.a. RTC). The Hardy Boyz get off a lot of their signature moves, as the crowd screams in appreciation. Billy Gunn apparently has a new finishing move to replace the Fameasser -- I guess it's called "The One and Only." Basically, he gets his opponent in a Sleeper Hold, lifts his opponent's feet off the ground, and slams the opponent down on his butt. It's about as lame as it sounds. Just as Matt Hardy sets up the Twist of Fate on Val Venis, Ivory distracts the ref (of course), and Steven Richards jumps in and kicks Matt in the face, allowing Val to get the pin. The RTC hauls ass out of there really quickly.

Lillian Garcia interviews The Undertaker about his Fatal Fourway match tonight with The Rock, Rikishi, and Kane. The winner of the match gets to be number thirty in the Royal Rumble, a distinct advantage. 'Taker babbles about "the big dog" and "the yard."

Some of the Oakland Raiders are ringside. Don't they have a playoff game for which they should be practicing? Interesting that the WWF is so willing to plug NFL teams when their own XFL league starts soon. I guess they aren't really competing products.

Test, with newly slicked-back hair, makes his way down to the ring. When did he get his eyebrow pierced? Did Albert do it? How did I miss that? Test's opponent tonight will be a Road Dogg-less K-Kwik. Roadie is in rehab -- again. Anyway, his absence is officially unexplained, and K-Kwik has had to change some of the lyrics in his little rap, which is still way too long. Lawler tells Michael Cole to stop dancing. I so wish we could have seen that! So much to mock. Aren't both of these guys faces? At one point, K-Kwik does a sort of back handspring, but he falls on his knees. Oops. Test gets the pin shortly thereafter. Following the match, the two men high-five in the most dispirited manner ever, like the bookers told them just before the match to do it, and they know it's lame, but they have to do it if they want their singles push. As Test is leaving the ring, William Regal attacks him from behind. He also attacked him on RAW, so I guess they're setting up a feud. What the basis for it would be, I can't imagine.

Backstage, The Rock is pacing in the locker room.

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