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When we return, they still haven't worked it out. Fellas! You had like twenty minutes of commercials to get that settled! Now it's time for The Undertaker to ride down to the ring. While The Undertaker drives down, Kane and Rikishi start the match. 'Taker joins right in. The Rock strolls out. I was really hoping for one of his patented "run full-speed down the ramp hell-bent for leather" entrances -- no one does that better than Rocky. Anyway, all four men are now in the ring, and whoever gets the first pinfall or submission wins. At one point, The Undertaker clotheslines Rikishi, but Rikishi botched the move terribly by jumping up into the air before 'Taker clocked him. Um, I think you're supposed to make it look like your opponent knocked you off your feet, Rikishi. Pretty much every combination of the four men battle in and out of the ring. Each man has a chance for a pin at some point, and gets pulled off by an opponent. In the end, 'Taker is knocked out of the ring. The Rock gives the Rock Bottom to Kane. 'Taker pulls Rocky off Kane and out of the ring. While Rocky and 'Taker are battling outside, Rikishi stumbles up and sits on Kane, getting the pin. So, Rikishi will be the last entrant in the Royal Rumble. I doubt he'll win, though. That was his little prize for now. After the match, 'Taker knocks Rikishi down for no apparent reason, other than meanness. The Rock and The Undertaker face off in the ring, trading blows. 'Taker goes for the chokeslam. Rocky hits him with a low blow. That's two low blows for The Rock in one match. Hmm. Kane chokeslams The Rock, 'Taker, and Rikishi --not all at once. One at a time. Then he makes fire come from the ringposts. Yeah, he's not winning the Royal Rumble either. Too much build-up tonight.

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