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It's time now for the Fatal Four Way match promised earlier. The Rock, The Undertaker, and Stone Cold all make their way to the ring. Kurt Angle comes to the top of the ramp and looks genuinely frightened at facing these three men in the ring. He walks down the ramp, and when his fireworks go off, he flinches and looks around. Ha! Angle does a good job of conveying trepidation. Did I mention that the first guy to pin Angle wins the WWF title? The three good guys each try to pin Angle, and one of the other ones breaks it up each time. First, The Rock and Stone Cold toss 'Taker out of the ring. Then, Rocky and Stone Cold exchange blows. 'Taker comes back into the ring and knocks Stone Cold out of the ring. Just as 'Taker sets up The Rock for the Last Ride, Angle hits them both from behind. Similar types of mayhem ensure, with one of the men nearly getting a pin and then one of the others breaking it up. The crowd starts freaking out because Triple H and Rikishi show up, having walked down an aisle or something. The two of them manage to take out The Undertaker, Stone Cold, and The Rock. Then 'Taker comes back and threatens to chokeslam Rikishi, but Triple H rescues him. Just as this evil alliance celebrates, Angle takes his belt to Rikishi's head. Triple H hits Angle with a chair. So, the point is that it's every man for himself on Sunday. I can't wait.

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WWF Smackdown




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