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Dysfunctional Family Picnic

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Vince McEvil

Angle and Regal start walking down the ramp, but suddenly Kane's music hits and he strolls out behind them. Apparently, he's accompanying them to the ring. The Rock and Stone Cold take twenty minutes to get down to the ring. Stone Cold and Rock kick ass. Kane interferes. Vince watches from the back. Ultimately, Austin pins Regal for the win.

Backstage, Vince is still on the phone. A lackey walks in, saying that there's an emergency phone call from Shane. Vince picks up the phone and is all, "When? What do you know? I'll take the private plane home tonight. Keep me posted." He hands the phone back with a big sigh, and tells the lackey that Linda was just rushed to the hospital. Vince limps over to a mirror, sort of crying. Once the lackey is gone, he looks up at the mirror and chuckles evilly. Ooh, he's bad. And he knows it.

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WWF Smackdown




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