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Al Snow shows up to Mick and Debra's Thanksgiving feast with some snow peas. Mick makes an "Al Snow pees" joke. Al tells him it really wasn't funny. Then Mick makes a "snow on Thanksgiving" joke. I know Mick's jokes are corny, but they still crack me up, because he's just so damn gleeful about his corny jokes.

After commercial, The Kat shows up to Thanksgiving dinner with some beef jerky. What the hell kind of crap-ass potluck is this?

Hardcore and Crash Holly are teaming up against Test and Albert. So are they admitting that Crash is a Holly now? I guess so. It's a hardcore match. I missed that announcement at the beginning, but I figure it out about the time that Albert starts whipping Hardcore with a strap. Crash puts in a feisty little effort but ultimately gets pinned.

JR, The Kat, and Al Snow are eating while Debra wonders if they are going to have any other guests. Too Cool show up with some food of some sort. Mick tries to sling some slang, and then does a dance move that looks like the Three Stooges. Debra tells him to cut it out. It would be nice if Debra had a personality or any sort of inflection when she spoke.

The sirens go off to announce Val Venis and Steven Richards making their way to the ring. Steven Richard is still selling the injuries he suffered when the Dudley Boyz put him through a table on RAW. Val Venis takes the microphone and talks about family values and morality or something. I don't know. I was eating a turkey sandwich. Road Dogg and K-Kwik come out and do their little rap song, and no one cares. Seriously. The audience is just sitting there. God, could their rap last any longer? And the swirly camera work has got to go. K-Kwik is the one that is actually wrestling. Road Dogg just came out to offer support, I guess. K-Kwik sounds like a convenience store. K-Kwik is a good wrestler, or at least is entertaining to watch, but what a terrible nickname. It reminds me of the part in Beyond the Mat where Vince McMahon tells Droz that his nickname is going to be Puke. That is when I knew Vince's evil genius did not extend into the naming arena. Back to the match -- the rest of RTC comes out and administers a beatdown, which enables Val to get the pin.

More people have joined the Thanksgiving Dinner. Tanaka or Funaki shows up. I don't know which is which. He brought Kung Pao Chicken. The Dudley Boyz do the "Whassup" thing that was old three months ago. What next, Survivor jokes? Are they going to vote someone off the island? Please.

On RAW, Kurt Angle brought out his brother, the person who helped him retain the championship against the Undertaker. 'Taker himself comes out to the ring, and Kurt uses his brother as a shield. Brother gets a Last Ride. Kurt gets chokeslammed off the top of the ramp onto the arena floor below. Now that we're all caught up on the saga, Kurt comes out with a neck brace on to tell everyone that what the Undertaker did was terrible. Kurt claims that his brother charged the Undertaker, when in reality (as Michael Cole points out), Kurt pushed his brother out front. After some more whining, the Undertaker walks out. What is with his "Deadman Inc." poncho? It's like a T-shirt with the sides cut out. It's a pinney, like you used to wear in gym class. As 'Taker attacks Angle, Kurt's neck brace comes flying off. Edge and Christian come out to help Angle. The Undertaker makes a brave comeback and Angle, Edge, and Christian flee up the ramp.

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