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Backstage, William Regal is shaking hands as he makes his way to the ring. The Rock is just walking down the hallway. I'm not sure what the shaking hands thing was all about.

Outside the arena, Edge, Christian, and Angle hop into a car and take off. I guess they aren't going to be eating Thanksgiving dinner with the rest.

William Regal enters the ring and waves to the crowd. The Rock comes down the ramp and the match begins. Rikishi walks out to the top of the ramp and just watches the match. The Rock finishes off Regal with a Sharpshooter and then waves Rikishi down to the ring. Rikishi laughs and backs away, preferring to wait for another day. After the match, Regal continues to wave to the crowd, and The Rock sneaks up and does a Rock Bottom on him, to the delight of his hometown crowd.

Back at Thanksgiving dinner, Mick is explaining to Tanaka or Funaki or whoever it is that he should go sit with the Dudley Boyz. Mideon comes in with some minestrone soup. Ew. Mick and Too Cool make fun of Mideon for bringing soup. How is that any worse than beef jerky?

Tazz comes down to the ring. A Halloween sound-effects tape plays -- oh wait, that's Raven's entrance music. The match begins, and I decide to take a little nap. Just wake me up when this one is over. Okay, okay, for you guys I will watch. But it's taking all of my willpower not to hit the fast-forward button. Raven ends up winning. Seriously, there is nothing else I can say about this match. But I did watch it.

Mick asks the Dudley Boyz what they brought to the dinner, and they tell him they brought dumplings. Mick borrows Buh Buh Ray's glasses and yells out, "D-Von, get the dumplings!" No one laughs. Mick mentions tables and the Dudleyz start to put some people through the table at which they are seated. Mick tells them to chill and eat some food. Then he grabs the glasses again and does the "D-Von, get the dumplings!" for Too Cool, who motion to him that he should cut it out because it's still not funny. Poor Mick.

Chris Benoit is trying to console Eddie Guerrero. Lillian Garcia walks backstage and tries to get an interview with Eddie, but Benoit yells at her for trying to interview Eddie when he's just lost his title. Somehow it turns into Benoit yelling about how Stone Cold is not a better wrestler than him, and knocking over a lamp. Nope, still not scared of Benoit. Lillian runs out of the room.

Trish Stratus is taking on Molly Holly. Wow, women actually wrestling! This makes two weeks in a row, I think. I am digging this. Trish actually does a suplex! They taught her another move besides a Bulldog! Trish bodyslams Molly, hitting Molly's head on her foot in the process. Molly climbs to the top turnbuckle. Trish gets up and tries and fails to get a suplex. Trish stands up facing Molly, who does a front flip off the turnbuckle which knocks Trish down, so that Molly is sitting on her chest. That's good enough for the pin. Wow! What a cool finishing move! I am loving Molly Holly.

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