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Trish walks into the dinner with a pie. Lots of predictable pie jokes follow. Everyone laughs really hard for like ten minutes, like, go to commercial already.

When we return from the commercial, we see a recap of what happened at Survivor Series. In case you missed it (and my recap), Benoit led Austin out to the parking lot where Triple H waited in a car to run Austin down. Instead, Austin picked up Triple H's car with a forklift and dropped it forty feet so that it landed upside down. On RAW, Stephanie came out and announced that Triple H was okay, and that they were trying to have a baby. She hoped that Stone Cold would drop the feud. Stone Cold comes out and tells Stephanie that "it ain't over by a long shot." Stephanie cries.

Michael Cole gives us an update on Triple H's condition -- he's okay but he won't be there tonight. The King thinks that Stephanie's appeal to Stone Cold was genuine.

Tiger Ali Singh and Lo-Down show up at Thanksgiving dinner. Tiger Ali Singh demands that Mick Foley make sure Lo-Down is not ignored any longer. Tiger throws a pie and hits Steve Blackman. Blackman kicks Tiger into a table, and then whacks Lo-Down with a garbage can lid. The Dudleyz 3-D Tiger onto the table, and Buh Buh Ray declares a food fight. Mayhem ensues. Even JR gets into the act. Debra and Mick stand safely aside watching, until Debra smacks Mick in the face with a pie. Ah, the WWF Thanksgiving food fight. What a nice tradition.

After the break, Jericho and Austin will take on Benoit and Kane. And they're all roaming the hallways. Just once, I wish the WWF would do a Spinal Tap homage where someone can't find the stage. Please? You know it would be funny.

Kane comes down to the ring first. Benoit soon joins him in the ring. Jericho and Stone Cold make their way down to the ring as well. Stone Cold is actually starting to get his chops back in the ring, or whatever chops he formerly had. At least he sort of wrestles now instead of just standing there, taking no bumps at all, and then delivering a Stunner. There are bumps being taken. Hey, do you think Y2J will change his nickname next month? These are the kinds of things I wonder while watching Stone Cold deliver yet another series of punches. Jericho battles Kane, and I don't know what Kane is all jealous about -- Jericho looks like a midget next to him. That has to count for something. Jericho goes to put a Figure Four leglock on Kane, and Kane delivers a boot to Jericho's ass that sends him flying out of the ring. Hee! After being double-teamed by Kane and Benoit, Jericho manages to crawl over to the corner and tag Austin in. The ref was distracted by Kane and missed the tag, and refuses to let Austin into the ring. Uh-oh. You know what that means. Stunner to the ref! Stunner to Benoit! Stunner to Kane! Austin busts out some beers while Jericho does a Lionsault on Kane. Austin drinks some more beer. There's nothing that says Thanksgiving like a redneck drinking some brews, is there?

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