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Hunter Becomes The Hunted

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Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Edge and Christian go to visit Mick Foley. They're pissed that the Dudley Boyz get the first Tag Team title shot against RTC, the new champs. Foley tells them that it's too bad, and that Edge and Christian will be taking on the Hardy Boyz tonight.

We see a recap of the feud between Chris Jericho and Kane. Jericho spilled coffee on Kane. Jericho was about to win the WWF Championship when Kane interfered in the match. No one (including me) can believe the whole thing started over a cup of coffee. Kane says that he hates Jericho because he's a "pretty boy." I think Kane has a crush on Jericho! Y2J's music hits, and Jericho walks down to the ring. Oh, yay! He's taking the mic! Jericho says that he's a little unsettled to find out that Kane thinks he's pretty, and then rips on his own sideburns. All the chicks scream for him. Jericho says that Kane is selling himself short, and his look could sweep the nation. Jericho shows us a picture of a male model, and then shows us that he's more beautiful with a Kane mask on. Next up are Al Gore and George W. Bush with "the Kane." Next up is Britney Spears, who could adopt Kane's mask and call her next hit "Oops, I Did It A-Kane!" Hee hee! Jericho next changes the Mona Lisa to the Kane-A Lisa. He follows that up with a mockup of the People Sexiest Man issue featuring Kane. I guess the audiovisual show is over, because then Jericho says that everyone has an ugly side, and his is that he really wants to hurt Kane. Jericho proclaims that he will beat Kane, the Undertaker, and Chris Benoit tonight to be the top contender for the WWF belt.

Lillian Garcia awaits the arrival of Stone Cold and The Rock. A limo approaches. Commercial.

When we return, the limo pulls in. Kurt Angle gets out. Lillian tells him she really wanted to talk to Stone Cold or The Rock. Angle is disgusted.

Edge and Christian walk not at all through the crowd, but down the ramp, wearing their new yellow shirts. Ooh, the announcer introduced them as "Christian and Edge." I don't know why I thought that was important to mention, but there you go. The Hardy Boyz come out with Lita. Looks like Jeff has completely given up on wearing a shirt and then ripping it off -- now he's just wearing a few scraps of cloth on his upper half. The match starts outside the ring. Jeff seems like such a nice boy. Why does he do that to his hair? Lita gets a hurricanerana on Edge outside the ring. Matt gets the Twist of Fate on Christian, and Jeff does a Swanton Bomb from the top rope, followed by the pin.

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