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Hunter Becomes The Hunted

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Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Lillian Garcia is still waiting in the parking garage. Someone get her a coat or something!

It's time for the Number One Contender Four Corner Match. The Undertaker rides down to the ring. Next up is Jericho. Even though we just heard his entrance music about fifteen minutes ago, we go through the whole thing again. The Undertaker left his motorcycle right at the foot of the ramp. How rude! Benoit comes out next. Boring. Kane starts to come down the ramp, but Jericho meets him halfway. Kane throws Jericho into the ring and the match begins. Jericho dropkicks and launches a moonsault on Kane, but Benoit interrupts. Kane tries to drop Benoit, but it looked like his hand slipped a little. Ultimately, The Undertaker chokeslams Kane, and then sends Jericho on the Last Ride. That move must give the Ridee the biggest wedge, ever. Undertaker gets the pin, and will face Angle for the title at Survivor Series.

Lillian Garcia is still outside as a limo arrives. It's The Rock. Lillian tries to interview him, but Rocky ignores her.

On RAW, Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather won the Tag Team Title from the Hardyz. RTC comes down to the ring to take on the Dudley Boyz for the belts. The crowd calls for tables, even though the Dudleyz are losing the match for the most part. Of course, the Dudleyz fight back. D-Von clotheslines the Goodfather from the top rope. While Ivory distracts the ref, Val Venis runs in and hits Buh Buh Ray with a belt. The Goodfather gets the pin, and they retain the title. The announcers are livid -- LIVID! -- that the RTC cheated to win.

Stone Cold is in the house! And he looks angry. Does Stone Cold ever look anything but angry, really?

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring, without Stephanie. Is she on vacation or something? Kurt takes the mic and tells everyone that he knew Triple H was a bad guy all along. Angle can't believe how gullible the fans were, and tells them that they need a new hero -- Kurt Angle. Then he disparages the hometown sports teams, as per usual. The Undertaker walks out. Angle is mad that the Undertaker is interrupting his time with the people. The Undertaker threatens Angle. Snooze. I remember these two battled when the Undertaker first returned, but am I supposed to care? This just seems like a random feud with no build-up.

The Lugz Boot of the Week is the mysterious woman who hangs out with Crash Holly taking out Trish Stratus.

Steve Blackman comes down to the ring for a Hardcore Tag Team match. Cut to an interview with Crash and the mysterious woman, who turns out to be "Molly Holly," another Holly cousin. Never you mind that they've been pretending Crash doesn't have a last name for the past month or so. Molly and Crash are about the same height. Test, Albert, and Trish come down to the ring. They're wearing old school APA shirts with the letters "T &" added on with masking tape. Crash and Molly finally get down to the ring as well. Lawler makes lecherous comments about Molly Holly. Just as Test and Albert are about to beat on Molly, Trish hits her with a fire extinguisher. Blackman busts out the kendo sticks and lays waste to Test and Albert. Later, Molly gets a hurricanerana on Test, allowing Crash to hit Test with a kendo stick and get the pin.

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