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Is There A Pay Per View Coming Up?

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Is There A Pay Per View Coming Up?

Huge, huge pyrotechnics to start the show. That must have been pretty amazing to see live! Michael Cole reminds us that this Sunday is the No Mercy PPV. Tonight, JR will be confronting Austin. Also, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, The Rock, and Triple H will all be involved in one match. I'm not sure exactly how that will work, but I'm sure they'll tell us. Lawler wonders whose corner Stephanie will be in. Well, Angle's, obviously. Duh.

Mick Foley's music hits and he comes down to the ring, which is already filled with wrestlers. What the? This is why I prefer RAW -- it's live, so stuff like this doesn't happen. Apparently, there is going to be a tag team battle royale. I see The Dudleyz, Too Cool, the Acolytes, RTC, Test and Albert, and Lo-Down. Foley says that the last few weeks have been difficult, and Jerry Lawler has been a great friend, and he wants to thank him. Huh? It's very distracting because one of the Conquistadores is behind Mick's shoulder, and he keeps fussing with his mask. Foley announces that the winner of this match is going to face the Hardyz for the title at No Mercy. I love me some battle royale with cheese, as I like to call them. The bell rings, and Michael Cole explains the rules, even though Foley just said them. Shut up, Michael Cole. He bugs me. With his streaked hair. A melee ensues. Cole and Lawler discuss the identity of the Conquistadores. Looks like Test is out, which means Test and Albert are the first eliminated. The Acolytes battle Test and Albert outside the ring, even though the Acolytes haven't been eliminated yet. Scotty Too Hotty gets tossed over, and the Acolytes catch him and toss him back in, so he's not eliminated. One of the RTC boys goes over, so they're out. The Conquistadores lie down in the corner, hugging the turnbuckle, and hope nobody notices them. Remember when Road Dogg did the same thing in last year's King of the Ring? It almost worked. Not a bad strategy. It's kind of like Survivor: just lay low until the end and then kick ass and take names. Grandmaster Sexay's move backfires when he manages to knock himself and Chaz out. Now it's down to the Dudley Boyz and the Conquistadores. Buh Buh Ray knocks out one of the Conquistadores, but the ref doesn't see it, of course. The Dudleyz think they have won, and one of the Conquistadores takes advantage and knocks Buh Buy Ray over the top rope and onto the floor. So now the Conquistadors have a title shot at No Mercy. Funny how Foley told Edge and Christian they can't have a title shot as long as the Hardyz hold the titles. Interesting, that.

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