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Killing Time

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Killing Time

Rikishi comes out with a sledgehammer. Michael Cole informs us that The Rock won't be there tonight because he earned a night off before the big Pay Per View on Sunday -- er, I mean, Rikishi hit him with said sledgehammer on RAW. Rikishi takes the mic and tells everyone that even if The Rock were there, he couldn't do anything, because Rikishi would take The Rock down. We see footage of Rikishi doing the driveby sledgehammering on Monday. Rikishi takes time out to thank the Radicalz. Cut to the Radicalz backstage, eating from big deli trays. Mmm, roast beef. Eddie Guerrero brags that he's going to kick Stone Cold's ass tonight. Mick Foley's music hits. Foley comes out and calls Rikishi a "gutless coward." After what Rikishi did to Stone Cold and The Rock, Foley thought he should take some action, such as fining, suspending, or firing Rikishi. But he's not going to -- instead, he's going to leave Rikishi's punishment up to The Rock. After every sentence, Michael Cole yells out, "This Sunday at Survivor Series!" We get it! Foley brings some cops out. The cops head down to the ring and escort Rikishi out of the building. After the break, we'll hear from Triple H, who is waiting in the WWF Studios in Stamford. They show Triple H sitting there in the dark. Because he's evil now, so apparently he can't switch on a light.

Back from commercial, Foley is in the parking lot telling Rikishi to get into his car and leave. Rikishi peels out in a show of rebellion not seen since my sixteen-year-old neighbor decided that his parents "sucked" and he was going to "show them." Already in the ring are Test and Albert, accompanied by Trish Stratus. Coming down to the ring are Crash, joined by Molly Holly and Hardcore Holly. Crash's entrance is accompanied by strobes, and I have to look away from the television before I have a seizure. Ah, Bob Holly. It's good to see you, old friend. Hardcore ends up rolling up Test for the pin. After, Albert comes into the ring and delivers the "Albert Bomb." The Albert Bomb? What? Where did that one come from? Test gets a Pump Handle Slam on little Crash. Test and Albert go after Molly Holly next. Trish attacks Molly from behind, getting a Bulldog. After the match, we see the Radicalz giving a waiter a hard time. Teri picks up a piece of meat and wonders what kind it is. Eddie grabs and says it's "Stone Cold meat" because it's "dead meat." Ha ha! Ha? That wasn't funny or scary in any way. I also feel compelled to mention that Perry Saturn and Teri appear to be a couple, which is both funny and scary.

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