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Killing Time

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Killing Time

Now, it's time for the "special message from Triple H." How lame is it that Triple H, in reality, has an injury that he doesn't want to exacerbate before the big show on Sunday, so he's giving a speech. A speech! And it's boring. It probably means I'm not a true wrestling fan, because I don't appreciate the intricacies of this promo. Whatever. It's boring. Triple H tries to lay out all of the reasons why he was actually plotting to take down Stone Cold since last year, accompanied by video clips showing various plot points. Basically, it's the same thing we heard last week, but he's saying it in a studio instead of a ring. Snore. Yawn. Does anyone think that everyone hasn't switched over to...Cursed? Okay, this was probably a good gamble. Notice that they didn't put this big speech on opposite Friends or Will & Grace. OH MY GOD! He's still talking. At this rate they're going to have to change the name from the World Wrestling Federation to the World Talking Shit Federation. Oh yeah, and Stone Cold just arrived.

On the Lugz Boot of the Week, Tazz receives the 3D from the Dudley Boyz (who else?), and then Tazz expresses his feelings for Raven by putting him through a table. Back to present day -- Too Cool are in the ring, dancing. We see a clip of Tazz and Raven talking earlier today. Raven tries to apologize. Tazz says they should just take care of business. And get a new entrance song. Okay, maybe I added that second part in. So, Tazz and Raven are taking on Too Cool. Scotty Too Hotty gets the worm on Raven. Look, I like Too Cool as much as the next gal, but now that Rikishi is all bad and shit, don't you think it's time for them to find a new schtick? Raven "accidentally" DDTs Tazz. Sexay gets the Hip Hop Drop on Tazz, and Too Cool gets the win. Raven grabs a chair and starts after Too Cool, but we cut to the Radicalz in their dressing room. Dean Malenko has adopted a gruff voice, and at first I thought he was ripping on Stone Cold, but he keeps doing it. Is that supposed to be his real voice? He never talked like that before. They bitch about the food some more. Are they supposed to be the new DX? That's so lame. They're like DX Lite. Anyway, we find out that they're planning a trap for Stone Cold, although we never did find out what happened with Raven and the chair. They must have had to cut that to make time for Triple H's three-HOUR speech about nothing.

Moments ago, Raven did a DDT on Tazz which allowed Too Cool to win. Michael Cole tells us that during the break, Raven did a DDT to Tazz on top of a steel chair. So who's the heel in this scenario?

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