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Killing Time

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Killing Time

Eddie Guerrero calls Stone Cold down to the ring, and taunts Austin. The Radicalz watch from backstage. Stone Cold sneaks in and kicks some Radicalz azz. He upends the vegetable tray, and there are radishes everywhere. Everywhere! Then Austin gets into a forklift out in the hallway and backs it up so that it blocks the Radicalz doorway and they can't get out. Back in the ring, Eddie realizes that he's in big trouble now that his friends can't help him. Austin comes down to the ring and kicks Eddie's ass. Eddie does get in a few shots with a chair, but really, it's all about Stone Cold. At one point, Stone Cold wishbones Eddie into the ring post and Eddie yells out, "Oh my God!" I laugh and laugh. There is nothing funnier than a nut shot, is there? Austin eventually gets the Stunner and the pin, like there was ever any doubt once the Radicalz were removed from the equation. Stone Cold drinks some beers and makes some gestures that I don't understand. I think he was saying that he would like to funnel some beers? A limo pulls up and The Rock gets out, even though he was supposed to have the night off because of his injury.

Earlier tonight, Eddie got pinned by Stone Cold. Eddie gets someone to move the forklift and goes in and yells at the Radicalz for not helping him. Mick Foley comes in and tells Eddie to calm down. He says that Dean, Perry, and Benoit will all be having matches tonight. Benoit gets all tough. I nearly fall asleep.

Edge and Christian join the announce team for the next match. It's an eight-man tag team match. The participants are: The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz, and all four male members of the RTC. Edge and Christian are there to scout out their Survivor Series match. Edge makes fun of Michael Cole's frosty hair. Hee! The Hardyz win the match, as if anyone cares. Edge rips on "Val's Captain Steubing attire" too. Edge and Christian attack the Dudley Boyz before they can put the RTC through tables. RTC ends up beating on the Hardyz. Ivory gets in a shot on Lita. Michael Cole expresses surprise that the RTC are not fair. We get it. They're hypocrites. No one is surprised.

Kurt Angle (remember him?) tells Kane that he's better than his brother the Undertaker. Those two are going to take on Chris Jericho and the Undertaker. Next!

Jericho comes down to the ring first. The announcer tells us that it's a "no disqualification" match. The Undertaker rides his bike down to the ring. Wouldn't it be funny if someone did an Undertaker parody that featured someone riding, like, a Schwinn or a tricycle down to the ring? The Undertaker must have been working out more, because he's ditched the leather trench coat and is wearing only a tank top. Kurt Angle is next. Michael Cole mentions that Stephanie is nowhere to be seen. Kane is the final participant. Jericho looks like such a midget next to Kane. He just knocked Kane over the top rope and onto the floor, and Kane makes Jericho look like a little baby. Kane chokeslams Jericho onto the announcers table, and it doesn't break, so Jericho bounces off. Ouch. Since it's no disqualification, Kurt Angle can smack 'Taker with a chair to prevent him from pinning Kane. Later, Kane uses the same chair to hit 'Taker, and Angle gets the pin for the victory. 'Taker gives Angle the old "slit your throat" gesture, and Angle looks frightened.

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