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The Hell (In A Cell)?

Kurt Angle comes out to the top of the ramp. Angle thinks that Foley has lost his mind, and that the match is barbaric. Foley agrees that it's barbaric, and reminds the assembled that anyone who gets into an altercation tonight will lose his title shot, and if Kurt does anything, Foley will strip him of his belt. Triple H grabs the mic as Angle pouts. Triple H reminds Mick that it was a Hell in a Cell match where Triple H ended Foley's career. Well, that's not exactly right. Close enough, though, for the purposes of this storyline. Triple H introduces Stephanie, who struts out. Triple H claims that he won't be causing any trouble tonight, because it's his and Stephanie's one-year wedding anniversary. What is the proper gift for one year? Isn't it paper? I never understood that. So, do you give the couple stationery? Triple H invites everyone to their celebration, including Stone Cold, since he was in traction when they got married. Stephanie grabs the mic and whines, "And they said we'd never last!" She and Triple H smooch, and everyone else looks pissed.

Okay, seriously? The first hour of the show is over and there has been one match. That took a loooooong time.

Triple H and Stephanie have a romantic candlelight dinner set up...in their locker room. Wouldn't it be a little more romantic somewhere not in the arena? Stephanie thanks Triple H for the three dozen roses on the table. Harvey Finkel is standing there. Triple H says he's expecting a "surprise," and he asks Harvey to wait outside the room and let Triple H know when it arrives. Harvey agrees, and Triple H bends Steph backwards to kiss her. Ew. The King informs us that "the surprise" is Stone Cold.

Road Dogg and K-Kwik -- whatever. I refuse to dignify this new rap thing with description. They are taking on Bull Buchanan and Good Father, who are accompanied by Steven "White Socks" Richards. As the match begins, the ref sends Richards to the back. K-Kwik gets off some impressive moves, but Ivory sneaks into the ring and bashes him in the head. Bull Buchanan gets the pin and the win.

Kurt Angle suggests to Mick Foley that he should have the five contenders compete in a Hell in The Cell match, and then let Angle take on the winner in a regular match. Foley says he's thought about it, but he is so pissed at Angle that he wants him to suffer. A lot. In other words, nice try, Angle.

Stephanie and Triple H are listening to some Kenny G crap while eating their romantic dinner. Triple H gives Stephanie a present. If the words "conception" or "pregnancy" come into play at all in this storyline, I’m going to vomit. Anyway, Triple H jumps up as the door opens, but it's just Harvey bringing them champagne. Triple H tells him to go wait outside.

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