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The Hell (In A Cell)?

Triple H tells Stephanie to blow out the candles and then go wait in the bathroom so that he can turn out the lights and wait for the "special guest." The lights go out. The door opens, and we hear sounds of a struggle. Harvey listens at the door giggling, and then Austin comes up to the door. Huh? Like we all didn't know that wasn't Austin fighting Triple H. Austin walks into the room and flips on the light, saying, "Happy anniversary, jackass." Triple H is all confused and lifts up some debris to reveal who he was beating up -- Vince McMahon! Stephanie is all concerned and starts yelling, "Lay down! Lay down, dad!" I start yelling, "Chickens lay eggs and people lie down!" Is that right, Sars? [“Yes.” -- Sars] Anyway, that last scene, as predictable as it was, did a good job building the suspense -- I wasn't sure who the recipient of the beating would be until it was revealed.

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