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Rock-y Road

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Rock-y Road

We learn that on RAW, Rikishi beat up The Rock. Then, Rikishi said that The Rock told him to run over Stone Cold, and even gave him the car keys so that he could do it. How will The Rock respond? How will Stone Cold respond? And most importantly, will Rikishi ever stop bleeding from the forehead?

After the opening fireworks, Michael Cole wonders if The Rock will be able to concentrate on his title match against Kurt Angle tonight, given Rikishi's allegations. The Rock's music hits and he walks down to the ring. Clearly, the fans didn't get the memo that The Rock is supposed to be a heel now, because they are cheering like crazy. Cole and Lawler talk about how they can't believe what Rikishi said as The Rock struts around the ring. The Rock gets on the mic and says that he and Stone Cold have never been friends, but he hopes Stone Cold can see through what Rikishi said. The Rock hasn't been able to get in touch with Austin to discuss the matter, so he calls Austin down to the ring. When there is no response, The Rock orders Austin down to the ring. Austin's music hits and he comes down. My boyfriend J-Dawg decides that he wants to get braces for his knees (like the ones Austin wears) because it would make him look like a cyborg. He's weird. First of all, it doesn't, and second of all, why would you want to look like a cyborg anyway? Stone Cold and The Rock stare at each other for a long time. Then they start making out. Just kidding. Ooh, Austin is inching closer. He's such a tease. Rocky says he had nothing to do with Austin's accident, and he doesn't know why Rikishi claimed differently. Austin says he didn't come out because he was ordered to, but because he wanted to. Austin says that he has no way of knowing if The Rock is telling the truth or if Rikishi is, and the only person Stone Cold trusts is himself.

Rikishi's music hits, and no one reacts because no one recognizes his music yet. Rikishi comes out to the top of the ramp and says that The Rock called him last November and asked him to run over Stone Cold, and claimed they would have each other's back, and now The Rock is going back on his word. Rikishi thinks The Rock betrayed him because Rikishi was becoming so popular. The Rock says that Rikishi's "story stinks more than [his] fat ass." The Rock tells Stone Cold that he's always done everything face-to-face, and gives examples. Stone Cold looks like he's about to crack up. Rocky says he's going to become the WWF Champion tonight. Cue Kurt Angle's music, of course. Angle comes out and disparages Rochester, NY. Hey, that's my hometown! Lawler comments that even Kodak left Rochester, which is completely not true. They still have many...okay, a few...okay, like two plants left there. Anyway, Angle says that he wants to call off the match because he's afraid The Rock will attack him like he attacked Stone Cold. Rocky calls Rikishi and Angle down to the ring. Rikishi says they won't come down to the ring because "by looking in [his] eyes" he can see that they shouldn't trust The Rock. Except The Rock is wearing sunglasses, so that was a poor choice of phrases. Rikishi and Angle leave, and Austin puts the Stunner on the Rock, just for good measure.

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