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Rumble in the Bayou

K-Kwik comes in at number nineteen. Various wrestlers get tossed over the top, only to roll back in under the bottom rope before their feet touch the ground. K-Kwik takes on The Rock -- enjoy it, buddy. That's the last time you will get to wrestle The Rock, possibly ever.

Number twenty is Val Venis. JR reminds us that Kane has been in the match for thirty minutes, longer than anyone else currently in the ring. Now there are seven men in the ring, and I just can't keep track of who is fighting who, so use your imaginations. No one gets eliminated before the next wrestler comes in.

And the next wrestler is William Regal in his snug red tights at number twenty-one. He does some sort of move on K-Kwik, but one or both of them kind of flubbed it, and it's just sad. Hardcore Holly just hangs out on the ropes, because everyone else is busy fighting. That would be my strategy -- just hang out on the sidelines and hope no one noticed me, and conserve my energy. It's a good thing I spend time thinking about this, since I’m so likely to turn up in the Rumble next year.

Number twenty-two is Test. Right away, Test manages to get rid of William Regal. JR reminds us that The Rock has been in the ring for twenty minutes. No one else gets eliminated in this two-minute period.

The Big Show! The Big Show is back and he's number twenty-three. Wasn't he supposed to have lost weight? Because he looks as fat as ever. The belly shirt probably doesn't help. Anyway, he runs in and gets rid of Test right away. K-Kwik gets lifted up and just dropped over the top rope. He chokeslams Albert, who looks like a midget in comparison. Bradshaw also gets a chokeslam. Val Venis gets a chokeslam. Hardcore Holly gets a biiiiiig chokeslam. Kane gets a chokeslam and the crowd goes nuts. Big Show gets his hand on Rock's throat, but Rock kicks Show in the nuts because nobody puts Rocky in a chokeslam. The Rock ends up clotheslining Show out of the ring. Well, that was quite a return. Outside the ring, Show starts tearing apart the announce table. Show pulls Rocky out of the ring.

Meanwhile, Crash Holly has come down to the ring as number twenty-four, but no one seems to care. Big Show chokeslams The Rock through the announce table and then stalks off. It remains to be seen whether this was a one-time thing or if he is back in the WWF full time. Back in the ring, everyone teams up on Kane. Rock is still lying unconscious outside the ring. All five men try to throw Kane over the top ring as the countdown begins.

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