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Rumble in the Bayou

Now it's down to Kane, The Rock, Billy Gunn, and Stone Cold. Finally, Austin tosses out Billy Gunn. Thank you, Austin! Stone Cold's face is just covered in blood. They show Austin staring at The Rock from across the ring, and his entire forehead -- no, the entire upper half of his face -- is just covered in blood, with his eyes peering out. It's a creepy sight. Rocky and Austin kick and punch around the ring. Kane, who had been passed out in the corner, gets back up, and Austin passes out some punishment to the Big Red Machine. The Rock manages to use some momentum to toss Kane out, except that Kane goes between the ropes instead of over the top, so he's still in. Austin tries to toss The Rock out. Kane comes back and knocks them both over the top rope. Austin lands on the apron while Rocky tumbles to the floor, eliminated.

So now we are down to Kane and Austin. Kane chokeslams the still bloody Austin. Kane signals that he's about to end it for Austin. It seems that Stone Cold has other ideas, as he kicks Kane below the belt, knocking him down. Kane goes out and gets a chair, but Austin dodges it and gives Kane a Stunner. Austin grabs the chair and hits Kane with it three times, and then knocks Kane over the top rope. Austin wins! Austin is going to Wrestlemania! God bless that bloody mess.

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