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Violence Against Women

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Tangled alliances

We start out with a review of what happened on RAW: Earl Hebner told Stone Cold that he had to meet with Stephanie. Austin demanded a title shot. Stephanie told Austin that he had to sell beer and hotdogs to the crowd to get a title shot. Austin beat up a beer vendor. Austin squirted mustard on Stephanie's shirt, and then sold all of his wares to the Acolytes. He gave his beer holder to Stephanie. She came up with a convoluted scheme whereby Austin might get a title match, if he beats William Regal. Austin ripped the cart from Stephanie, which took her shirt off as well. Stephanie ran to the back in her bra. Stephanie refereed the match between Austin and Regal. Austin ended up shoving Stephanie out of the ring. Regal ended up rolling up Austin for the pin, and Stephanie did a fast count, then ran out of the ring. The Austin-McMahon war continues.

Tonight, Stone Cold is waiting for Stephanie to arrive.

We learn that Chris Jericho is still using the "Y2J" thing, even though it's 2001, as he comes down to the ring. Jericho starts talking until Benoit comes out and interrupts him. Benoit denigrates Jericho's "funny lines," "little pictures," and "catch phrases." I think my crush on Jericho is getting out of hand. I'm like a teenager over here. Anyway, their match begins. Just when it looks like Jericho will win, the Radicalz come out and mess things up. Terri bought some of those "fake erect nipple" things over the holidays. At least I hope those are fake. The Hardy Boyz and Lita come out and save Jericho. Interesting alliance. It's like they said, "Kim, who are your favorite wrestlers? We'd like to pair them all up." Aw, thanks, WWF!

A limo arrives. William Regal gets out and announces into a cell phone that Stone Cold is not around. No sooner are the words out of his mouth than Stone Cold attacks. Eventually, Stone Cold leaves Regal on the hood of the limo, and then gets in and rams the limo into a mess of boxes, so that Regal goes flying. Austin gets out and slams Regal with a metal pipe. Finally a bunch of refs show up to pull Austin off. Am I supposed to be rooting for Austin here? Because he's scaring me.

After the break, we see Regal being worked on by paramedics.

Edge and Christian come out with their Tag Team belts as the announcers remind us that they don't have a match booked tonight. The champs join the announcers, and Michael Cole tells us that the next match will determine who will meet Edge and Christian at the Royal Rumble. The match is between the Dudley Boyz and Bull Buchanan and the Good Father. Seriously, if RTC wins, I'm boycotting the Royal Rumble. Okay, not really. I love the Royal Rumble! All the anticipation of who will come running out next! The match begins, and the crowd starts chanting, "We want tables!" More interesting than the match is the commentary by Edge and Christian. Have you seen their new Stacker 2 commercial? Hilarious. Edge and Christian rip on Mick Foley, former WWF Commissioner. Then Edge tells Michael Cole he has a "Backstreet Boys haircut" and Christian imagines that Cole must tell the hairdresser, "Can you reekasize me? I'm not feeling fourteen-year-old-girlish enough." Ha! These two should be at the announce table every week. Just as the Dudleyz are about to set Good Father up for the 3D, Edge and Christian interfere. Instead, the Dudleyz get the 3D on Bull Buchanan and win the match, as well as a title shot at the Royal Rumble.

William Regal is loaded into an ambulance. Michael Cole tells us that this could happen to Stephanie tonight.

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