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Violence Against Women

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Tangled alliances

Stone Cold is still waiting for Stephanie to arrive.

After the break, Stephanie arrives. Stone Cold chases her around backstage. This is really disturbing. I've said before that Stone Cold is a bit like a scary alcoholic uncle, and now to see him chasing after Stephanie with malicious intent is frightening. Stephanie runs out to the ring. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: Stephanie. Underwire. Buy one. Stone Cold comes out to the ring, grabs Stephanie by the hair, and tosses her into the ring. Stephanie is on her knees in front of Stone Cold. Have I mentioned the scary alcoholic uncle who maybe exhibits a bit of the "bad touch"? I mean, I know Stephanie is supposed to be the bad guy in this scenario, but seeing Stone Cold yell at a cowering Stephanie is...disturbing. I know I used that word already, but it is. Not to mention the fact that Stone Cold is about three times the size of Stephanie. Vince McMahon comes out to break up the party, scolding Stone Cold for his actions towards "daddy's little girl." Vince promises Austin a Triple Threat Match between Austin, Kane, and Undertaker. If Austin wins, he'll get a title shot on Monday night. But, Vince claims, all this will only happen as long as Austin leaves Stephanie alone. And if Austin doesn't accept, Vince vows to put him through hell. Austin calls Vince a "one-hundred-percent pure jackass," but accepts the match. Austin points out that he agreed to leave Steph alone, but made no such promises about Vince, as Vince gets the Stunner. Austin yells at Stephanie some more, and then drinks some beers. What is with the WWF this week? I am disliking all the people I'm supposed to be rooting for.

After the break, Stephanie checks up on Vince backstage. Vince claims that he's going to name a McMahon the special troubleshooting referee for Austin's match. Stephanie doesn't look too pleased about having to do it, but Vince says he was talking about himself.

The Hardyz and Lita come out. Matt and Lita will be taking on Perry Saturn and Terri. Jeff Hardy does some sort of strange duck-walk down the ramp. Dean Malenko accompanies Perry and Terri down to the ring. Do you think that if Matt didn't take the time out to do his little rebel yell before jumping from the turnbuckle, he would pull it off more often? It's the WWF equivalent of the villain in the movies telling the hero how he's going to kill him instead of just killing him. Lita does a Twist of Fate on Terri, but Dean Malenko grabs her out of the ring and kisses her before she can get the pin. Dean gets a DDT on Lita, which allows Terri to get the pin. Terri's wearing a "Britney at the MTV Music Video Awards" flesh-colored bikini.

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