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Violence Against Women

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Tangled alliances

Backstage, Lillian Garcia interviews Kane about his match tonight. Kane has a Southern accent all of a sudden. Kane wants revenge on all the people who "called [him] a freak." Apparently, said revenge involves winning his match.

An overly-oiled-up Billy Gunn is taking on Val Venis tonight. Predictably, Steven Richards interferes, allowing Venis to get the win. Nothing interesting happened in that match. I swear! I would have reported it if it did. Afterwards, Gunn pulls Ivory into the ring and tosses her, as revenge for Chyna. Richards comes in and breaks it up. Gunn tosses him out of the ring. Man, what is with all the violence against women this week? I know I said I wanted women to have a more active role in the WWF, but I didn't mean that I wanted to see them get beat up by men twice as big as them.

Backstage, Vince asks Stephanie to rip the sleeves off his referee shirt. I'm not making that up.

Filler, filler, filler. Basically, they summarize the whole show. Stone Cold beat up Regal. The Rock beat up two referees and Kurt Angle. Bad faces. Bad.

Trish Stratus gives Vince a backrub. Trish asks about his holidays, and Vince says that they were like hers -- in other words, they spent the holidays together. Stephanie comes in and orders Trish out. Trish thinks she and Stephanie can bond over Trish being mean to Test. Stephanie's having none of it. Trish thanks Vince for "the favor" and leaves. Vince has back acne (or "backne"). Steroids? Or all the oil clogged up his pores? Stephanie's pissed.

The Undertaker talks about how he'll do anything for a shot at the WWF title. He reminds us he's been around for ten years. We get it! Ten years! They don't have to mention it every time 'Taker appears on screen. 'Taker babbles about "froggy" and "[his] yard." Whatever.

Stone Cold laces up his boots. Have I mentioned there's a lot of filler?

Backstage, Stephanie must have returned after storming out before the break. Vince tells her to "cool [her] jets." Stephanie is still pissed.

Test comes out with his silver pants. He'll be taking on Albert tonight, as Trish and Albert turned on Test during RAW. Trish tells Test that Vince gave Trish and Albert the night off, and Test will be taking on Rikishi. The fat man comes out, and the match begins. Now that Test is a face, he has a black stripe on his silver pants. Nice signifier. This match is so boring that the announcers take the opportunity to explain the Royal Rumble -- one wrestler enters every two minutes. All the people in the ring try to toss one another out. Last one in the ring gets a shot at the WWF title. Rikishi ends up sitting on Test's chest to get the win. After the match is over, Rikishi drops his butt onto Test's chest from the second turnbuckle, as Trish and Albert cheer Rikishi on.

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