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It's the End of the World As We Know It

Stephanie is trying to convince Triple H that his match tonight is too dangerous. Triple H tells her that "the WWF Championship is the most important thing in the world to [him]." Stephanie doesn't mention that as his wife, maybe she should be the most important thing. Interesting.

Another Hell in the Cell flashback -- Triple H throws Cactus Jack from the side of the cage into a table.

Next up, Billy Gunn defends his Intercontinental Championship against Chris Benoit. The announcers spend a lot of time at the beginning of the match continuing the hard sell of Chris Benoit -- that he's a great technical wrestler. Okay, he is! That doesn't mean that I find his matches interesting to watch. I do respect Benoit's ability to sell a match, his in-ring psychology, but I don't watch wrestling for the wrestling, really. If I wanted to see technical skill, I'd watch college wrestling. Benoit focuses in on Gunn's knee. Despite his weak knee, Gunn gets the Fameasser, but Benoit kicks out. Ultimately, Benoit gets the Crippler Crossface on Gunn, who taps out. Benoit is the new Intercontinental Champion. Immediately after the match, Billy Gunn tells Michael Cole that this feud isn't over. Oh, great. I can't wait for another thrilling match between these two.

We see a pre-taped interview by JR of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin says he didn't sleep at all last night, because the match is going to be "flat-out brutality." JR asks Austin if having Triple H and Rikishi in the match, the men who tried to end his career, is a distraction. Austin says that he does want revenge, but his primary goal tonight is to "whip somebody's ass." That's my primary goal every night.

Next up is a Triple Threat Match for the Women's Championship between Molly Holly, Trish Stratus, and Ivory. Early on, Ivory and Trish team up against Molly Holly. Once Molly is down, Ivory turns on Trish. Moments later, Ivory tosses Molly out of the ring and pins Trish to retain her title. Test and Albert come down to the ring and threaten Molly. Crash comes to the rescue, challenging Test and Albert. Before they can climb in the ring, the Acolytes make a comeback, handing out a beating in the ring. I'm glad they are back and all, but I would've liked the women's match to last a bit longer.

Another classic Hell in the Cell moment featuring Mick Foley falling off the top of the ring onto a table below. Is there a WWF viewer alive who hasn't seen that clip?

Kevin Kelley asks The Rock if he's prepared for the match. The Rock shuts Kevin up, and gives his standard spiel.

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