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It's the End of the World As We Know It

Suddenly, 'Taker has a chair on top of the cell, and he uses it on Kurt Angle. How did he get the chair up there? Rikishi uses the chair on 'Taker three times, and Angle once. Angle climbs down, and is allegedly bleeding. That leaves 'Taker and Rikishi on top. Rikishi gets dangerously close to the edge, conveniently right by the wood-chip filled truck bed. 'Taker chokeslam/pushes him off the edge into the truck. Jesus. Everyone stops wrestling and just stares at him. Stone Cold has a look on his face like, "Holy shit!" I know some people will think it was lame that 'Taker did such a weak chokeslam, but when you are falling nearly forty feet backwards, it helps if someone is guiding you. Imagine if he slipped and missed the truck bed, or fell at an angle and hit his head on the side of the truck or something. It was an amazing bump.

Austin and The Rock end up face to face in the ring. And then they start making out! Kidding. They fight, and the crowd goes wild. Preview of things to come? Maybe. The Rock prepares to do The People's Elbow on Stone Cold, but Triple H interrupts. The Rock knocks Triple H back out of the ring. The Undertaker is still on top of the cell, I guess. J-Dawg says he's waiting for an airlift. I joke that he has a pulley system rigged up so that people can pass him food and drink. We're easily amused.

Kurt Angle comes into the ring, but The Rock issues the Rock Bottom. Stone Cold gets up and delivers a Stunner to The Rock. Before he can cover, Triple H gets in and does a Neck Breaker on Stone Cold. While those two are battling, Kurt Angle crawls over and gets a hand on The Rock. The ref counts three, and Angle keeps his WWF title. Angle, Rocky, Austin, and Triple H are lying motionless in the ring. Rikishi is still in the back of the truck. 'Taker is hanging out up top. Angle finally gets up and groggily starts to make his way out of the ring. Stone Cold comes out of nowhere and delivers a final Stunner. The ref takes the belt and places it on the unconscious Angle's stomach. And that's all she wrote.

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