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She gets all the way to the end of the song and the crowd goes wild, along with her cast of thousands backstage and even the contestant holding room, where they've been watching it all on the monitor. I can't imagine that happens often. Demi gets up, walks onstage and gives Jillian a long, long hug and tells her -- away from the mic but still audible somehow -- that that was amazing. L.A. says he's never heard anyone pour their pain into a song like that. "That's what this business is all about. You got it." Britney compliments her "raspy, sexy" voice, and Simon takes a long (especially for him) pause before simply saying, "That was incredible." Demi gives her more official critique about how amazing it was. "When you sang, you broke my heart." L.A. calls for a vote and Simon gives the "easiest yes I've said today." Demi says yes, Britney says "yes, yes, yes," and L A. tells her she has four. Well, six, counting Britney's. The whole family flocks out onstage to congratulate her. How can the bullies even get to her through that crowd? The judges keep talking about how amazing she was after she's gone. Simon says this was the only time in his life he's ever lost it. Afterwards, backstage, the other judges remark on Simon's emotional reaction. "Aw, you have a heart!" Demi coos. Heh.

And with a promo for the rest of the season and the remaining auditions (and meltdowns) we're out. I'm just picturing how they fired Steve Jones. I hope they pulled him into a room and told him, "Steve, as a host, nobody's better than you." And he was like, "Thank you!" And they were like, "Wait, no..."

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