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After the ads, a foursome of young ladies in white called 2Squar'd do some great Destiny's Child-slash-En Vogue type harmonies and easily score four yeses. Kendra Williams is a soulful belter whose family backstage appears to include Rayanne Graff, and who gets through easily. Nicole flirts shamelessly with long-haired, bearded Brendan O'Hara, and he gets four yeses as well. Jeremiah Pagan, 22, claims to be a male soprano, but Chris Colfer doesn't have much to worry about, the way this kid keeps dropping out in the higher registers. But he gets four yeses anyway, which L.A. thinks is too many. I'm sure it'll even out again.

Melanie Amaro is an ordinary-looking 18-year-old college student whose family gets a whole segment on how wonderfully supportive they are. Then she goes out to sing Beyonce's "Listen," and does it so well that it's hard to believe it's coming out of the soft-spoken girl we met a few minutes ago. By the end, Nicole and Paula are on their feet, along with most of the audience, and L.A. is visibly blown away. He and Simon also give her a standing ovation at the end. L.A., Nicole, and Paula gush over her, and even Simon says he brought The X Factor to America to find someone like her. So four yeses, of course, with Simon making the audience deliver his for him. Hugs all around backstage, and then the entire Amaro family is stuffed into the White Box. So we're ending Miami on a high note, clearly.

On to Dallas, where the whole show seems to start all over again. There's a lot of talk about how hot it is outside, and the judges make their big entrance. The first auditioner here is Johnny Rogers, who is 17 and has meticulously sideswept hair that is clearly his pride and joy. Backstage, his mom tells him not to dance, and with another quick hair-shake, he's out onstage. Simon asks him if he knows who he looks like. No, not Justin Bieber -- "Barbie's boyfriend, Ken." You can see Johnny's world crashing down behind his eyes. He's singing an original song, which starts with some light breakdancing. And I can see why he insisted on dancing, because his singing is...not good. The audience digs him, though, because let's face it, it's early. L.A., Nicole, and Paula manage to say nice things to him by completely avoiding saying anything about his actual singing. Simon, however, compares Johnny to a mass-produced Justin Bieber doll that went wrong. They all say no, but Simon at least says it was nice to meet him. On the way out, Johnny says he was too nervous to do well, and his mom agrees. Ouch.

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