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18-year-old Colton Pack from Danese, WV appears to have brought a whole busload of well-wishers from his one-stoplight town a thousand miles away. Pretty much the whole town, in other words, most of them in Colton Pack T-shirts. When he hits the stage, one of Simon's questions is whether Colton is a good boy or a bad boy, and since Colton says he'll be whatever they want him to be, I think we can rule out bad boy. He sings "Hick Town" by Jason Aldean and is a total goon, but the judges appear into it. Paulina makes clawing gestures at him, which Simon describes as "Helpful." Demi thought it was pitchy at times, but that he performed well otherwise. Kelly likes his "unique voice" and Simon "really, really, really" likes him, and thinks there's a market for him. Yeses for Colton, which is good because otherwise that would have been a very long bus ride home. As it is, the entire town of Danese gets to walk him off the stage. And jeez, how many West Virginians is it possible to stuff into that White Box, anyway?

Back to L.A., where Simon's running late, thus allowing the other judges to clown around with a cardboard standup of him backstage. Then there's a montage of the hot, leggy hopefuls gathered outside to serve as contrast to the next contestant, an allegedly nerdy 15-year-old who's got a gringa Ugly Betty thing going on, in the sense that she has glasses, an odd fashion sense and a carefully cultivated outcast vibe. Danie Geimer, for that is her name, sings a creepy emo version of "House of the Rising Sun" that she blows out in the second half. I'm pretty sure she came here looking like this just so we can be amazed with her "before and after" later on. The judges like her, though Demi jumps the gun a bit by making her take off her hat right now. All three of the judges present send her on through, so I think we can consider this arc launched.

Any audition cities we haven't come back to yet tonight? Oh, right -- Denver. Simon is welcomed back with a montage of his putdowns, like "I think you would be a very good group if none of you were in it." Kelly has high hopes for the next singer, who turns out to be Jeff Gutt from last season. As he gives them an update on his past year, Simon quietly tells Kelly that he probably should have made the finals last year. Now he's back again with his young son after getting cut from Boot Camp last year, and interviews that if he doesn't make it this time, he's done. Tonight, he oversings "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing," which puts Simon and Demi in the position of having to tell Kelly and Paulina that he's normally better than this. Simon stops him quickly and calls him out on trying to sound like Steven Tyler. He says that as much as he was pulling for Jeff, he can't send him on. "I'm really disappointed," he says, but since Jeff is still onstage when the commercials come, I think we can probably assume that he's going to get another crack at it.

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