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Sure enough, Simon gives him another chance, so luckily Jeff has Radiohead's "Creep" in his pocket. That goes much better, aside from how he still sounds like a guy who's been trying way too hard at this for way too long. Still, Demi's on her feet before he's even done, during the big notes on the bridge. Paulina relates to him as a fellow parent. Simon reads my mind and says Jeff's countless gigs have left him with some bad habits like mispronouncing words. But he says he's honored to have Jeff back. Kelly's also happy he's returned, and Demi says Jeff has the talent needed to sell rock 'n' roll, and that this time the timing is right. Simon calls him the one that got away last year and they give him four yeses. Just as he did last year, Jeff's proud, happy toddler son comes scampering out into his arms. "It's good to see you again!" Demi tells him. "I know," the kid Simons. Let's hope this boot camp goes better for Jeff than last year's did, if only for that kid's sake. Jeff himself, I don't especially care about.

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