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So the auditions are over, and the judges hug and head out. From the empty auditorium, Steve congratulates the show on the search, and there are clips from these last four shows, reminding me of the eight hours I've already invested in this thing. It's a little early for an end-of-season retrospective, isn't it? After that goes on roughly forever, Steve tells us from the dismantled cattle pens, "Next week it gets serious; next week, it's boot camp." And we see throngs of people arriving at the boot camp venue, which looks like a very tense place. Steve VOs that only 32 acts will make it through boot camp, then they'll be separated into the categories, and the judges will get calls telling them which group they'll be mentoring. "I think I'm gonna win," L.A. says after getting his call and then calling Simon on his yacht to tell him that he's met his match. Wow, spoiler, much? But of course they say nothing about the one thing I really want to know about next week's episodes: are they also going to be two hours long?

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