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Changing cities again, now we're in... San Francisco? Seriously, are there really more audition episodes than audition cities? Outside the Cow Palace, we meet a nerdy 13-year-old named Trevor Moran and a 27-year-old vocal coach from Atlanta named Tara Simon, who apparently brought a stack of glossies. And then a young woman gets out of the front of a black SUV, as out of the back gets... Shannon Tweed. If you watch Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, you probably already know that the girl is Sophie Tweed-Simmons, 19. Which I don't, but that's what captions are for. "I'm from L.A. and I'm a student," she says modestly. Over the understated caption "Gene, Sophie's dad," the bass player for KISS marvels dodderingly about the number of people here to audition. Think this is going to be a crossover episode? We do get a montage of KISS footage, lest we think that The X Factor was actually going to play this cool. Sophie talks about how she wanted to do this on her own, so she's a little disappointed at all the attention her literal rock star dad is getting in the line outside (though not from Tara Simon, who is already a star in her own mind). Sophie eventually makes it to the stage and gives her whole name. "THAT'S where I know you!" Demi says, pointing an accusatory finger. "You're Nick's sister." This is already not going the way Sophie planned. Maybe she could have gone a little more under the radar, then?

She sings "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele, and she's just good enough that she's going to need to be Gene Simmons' daughter, if you know what I mean. I'm pretty sure one of the judges would stop her a lot faster if she were anyone else, but eventually Simon raises his hand like he expects it to get shot off from the wings. Demi suggests Sophie work on her vocal control, L.A. says he didn't quite get the chills he wanted, Britney compliments her voice, and Sophie says, "Thank you, ma'am." "She called her ma'am," Shannon Tweed groans from backstage. When it's time to vote, L.A. gives her a no and Britney and Demi a yes. It's easy to forget that it takes three yeses to move on, given how infrequently the judges disagree, so it's a good thing L.A. reminds us. Simon finally gives her a yes and tells her to practice hard for the next round. It won't help. Afterward, Sophie congratulates herself on making it through as herself (which she didn't), and proposes going by just her first name from now on. Yeah, I think that window's shut, Sophie. Backstage, Tara Simon makes some catty remarks to another contestant, but being right about Sophie doesn't make her any less of a dick.

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