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After all that, of course we're going to see if Tara can back it up. We come back to see her doing push-ups backstage to warm up her voice. She boasts that she's the Simon of her vocal studio, having made some of her students cry, and finally gets out onstage to show us all how much better she is than Sophie Tweed-Simmons. L.A. asks who she wants to take out, and Tara names Christina Aguilera (with which Simon and Britney would probably agree), and when he asks where she wants to be in five years, she points at the judges' table. Which will probably still be right here in the Cow Palace, at this rate. Simon makes her take off her hat, and then she digs herself a hole trying to talk about which spot she'd take over as a judge.

Finally the music starts and she begins singing a ballad version of "Without You," with maximum dramatics and her vowels twisted all every which way just 'cause. She also throws in a bunch of note runs, which is annoying but at least she pulls them off, and she seems to win over the judges. Simon starts by saying they've only seen the beginning of her potential, even though she oversings like she's been overcoached (by herself). Britney calls her a true performer. Demi says she didn't love the beginning, but she has a really great voice. "That means a lot coming from you, Skyscraper," Tara dorks. She gets her four yeses, so let's hope she and Sophie will be roommates at Boot Camp.

Time to meet Daryl Black, 37 and from Sacramento. He has a wife and five kids, and is a musician nonetheless. He carries a microphone stand out to the stage and cops to being a little nervous about all the people, not to mention the five million dollars at stake. He jokes around with Demi a bit about what he'd use the money for (a big unicycle and leather shorts, apparently), and sings "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes. And he has the place in the palm of his hand from the first note he sings. He's got a great, clear R&B voice, although Simon's pretty stonefaced early on. But then Simon compares him to Michael Buble and Nat "King" Cole before giving Daryl his fourth yes.

Coming back, nerdy Trevor Moran from earlier appears to be vlogging into his phone and then his laptop. Some other kid joins him in front of the webcam to shoot a dance video there in the holding room. Where everyone else is almost as irritated by him as I am. Two minutes from the top of the hour, I don't know how there's going to be time in the episode for Trevor's audition. And indeed, he seems to be missing, and crew members are bleating at each other over their walkie-talkies looking for the kid. Who, as it turns out, seems to be sick, passed out in his mom's lap somewhere. Maybe he made just one internet dance video too many, you think?

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