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He performs an original song/rap, which the audience seems to dig while the judges are into it to varying degrees. L.A. seemed to like it the most, and appreciates how Owen can both sing and rap well. Britney wasn't wowed, but Demi says all the girls in the place wish they were Tori. Well, except Britney, clearly. Simon likes Owen and his commitment (even though it's to Tori). For the vote, we get another rare disagreement, with Britney as the lone no. Owen promises not to let her down, and she's like, "Whatever, creeper." Backstage, Owen immediately calls his girlfriend and breaks the news that he made it to the next round. We get to hear her saying, "Awesome? Who is this?" Okay, on that last part, I only wish.

Up next is Freddie Combs, from Greenville Tennessee. He's there with his wife Kay, because someone has to push his wheelchair. Freddie, you see, is large to the point of near-immobility. He shares with us the fact that he peaked at 920 pounds in 2009, but has since whittled himself down by almost 400 pounds. He tells us about the life-changing experience of near-death and his wife/caretaker of fourteen years. Six crew members roll his chair up the ramp to the stage as he hopes the judges will "give a fat boy a chance." Everyone's pretty respectful when his wife wheels him out onstage, and Simon remarks that he looks younger than his forty years. Freddie says he's a minister, and reveals that he's down to 540 pounds. Everyone is duly impressed.

But then he starts singing "Wind Beneath My Wings," and turns out to have a strong, operatic voice with a big vibrato. The whole audience stands up for a guy who can't. L.A. tells Freddie his voice is heavenly, and Britney one-ups him by describing it as "shockingly amazing." Demi says he connected with the audience. Simon says he envisioned Freddie singing the song standing up, and offers Freddie the same deal he offered Chris Rene last year: get your shit together and I'm with you. Britney and Demi add their yeses to Simon's, and L.A. signs on to Simon's deal as well. Backstage, Freddie talks about how this is about more than his talent, but his future, and promises his wife that he's going to stand with L.A. Reid to sing that song one day. I'm sure she's glad to hear it.

In case all this inspiration is getting monotonous, we get to see the judges shoot down the caterwauling Kofoed Sisters, Simon comparing them to the sound of the time he sat on two cats and voting no for all four of them. Nick Moriarty, 17, has Simon saying that his song would send Simon running away if someone sang it to him. Britney tells a girl, "Singing is definitely not your thing, sweetie." High-speed montage of nos, culminating in Bobby House, a 21-year-old with the sweetly melodic voice of Old Dirty Bastard, getting his unanimous rejection and then storming off the stage, stripping to the waist, and spitting at the camera. Backstage, L.A. and Demi commiserate over this deluge of suck.

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