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The first group to get the news are the Girls. Mario's up in the balcony for his narration, because he's still not allowed (or willing) to interact with any contestants. They ones who get to stay for now are Khaya Cohen, who took two tries to get through last night; poor Man's Debbie Gibson, Bree Randall, also from last night; Jamie Pineda, whom I don't remember at all; awkward girl Simone Torres; Rion Paige, the 13-year-old with the two-year old hands; Danie Geimer, the alleged ugly duckling whose hat and glasses don't fool anyone; Rylie Brown, who blew her lyrics during the first week of audition episodes; Primrose Martin, who zoomed past us last night; Ellona Santiago from Season 1's Frankengroup InTENsity; and finally Ashley Williams, whose mother was murdered when she was fifteen. She says she represents every girl who was ever told no. Including the ones she just beat out?

Boys next. Carlito Olivero, the first person we saw auditioning this season; Chase Goehring from last night's speed-montage; Timmy Thames, of whom we got a brief glimpse last week; Isaiah Alston from last night; Nervous Nelly Tim Olstad, also from last night; Al Calderon, who I incorrectly predicted would end up in a Group against his will; 14-year-old Josh Levi; bouncer Isaac Taeuefa; Tourette's guy Carlos Guevara; and finally interchangeable boy-band teen Stone Martin. Looks like that's the end of the game for the country singers and the judge-stalkers.

Then the Groups, which include Glamour, who we met tonight; Good News, who we just met now; country duo Yellow House Canyon; adorkable sweethearts Alex and Sienna; sisters Roxxy Montana; douchebros Wild Thingz; Girls United from earlier, and, since that's only seven, thee groups that will be grafted together later from spare parts. Which always has to be such a boost for the preexisting groups.

Finally, the Over 25s, which will include giant-afro'ed Lillie McCloud, raspy-voiced Jeff Brinkman (sssso close, Jeff Gutt!), nearly-30 Rachel Potter, previously nonexistent Kristine Mirelle, Victoria Carriger from earlier, returning veteran James Kenney, the still-pantsless Allison Davis and Denny "Santa Claus" Smith, woman's football player Lorie Moore and finally Jeff Gutt, who we've seen looking stressed out throughout this round. So the subway singer and the "Like a Virgin" guy are now both on an equal footing in this competition, which is to say out of it.

Now we're at the stage where the groups are going to be stuck together. Three girls, three boys and three male country singers are drafted into the Groups category to fill it out, and they're relieved enough to still be in the competition that they don't seem to mind. Just once I'd love to see their reaction to the news before their elimination.

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