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Putting the "Camp" in "Boot Camp"

One last group is left, which includes Chris Rene and the Dexter Haygood the homeless Memphis guy, and they're all invited back tomorrow. Simon cues the entrance of the first group of yeses, who flood down the aisles for a big mega-mingle. Chris Rene is looking for his sister in that group, and Paula gets way too much pleasure out of watching him search. Lucky for Paula he finds her. Simon stands up and says one of these remaining people will be leaving the competition with five million dollars, and the judges are throwing them a party. It's ostensibly a cocktail-slash-hot-tub party, but I suspect it's actually a test to see who's responsible and goes to bed early, and who stays up late partying. For now, the latter seem to be a strong majority.

Sure enough, at six the next morning, crew members are banging on hotel room doors and giving them five minutes to get to the lobby. Once they've been driven from the hotel to the venue, L.A. tells then their next challenge begins now. They're going to be put into groups and given a few hours to prepare a song, but they'll have the help of some of the aforementioned industry people. Or "help," as the case may be.

So then the groups are formed (whether internally or top-down isn't made clear), and each group is given a song chosen by the judges. They'll have five hours to prep, and a third of the groups will be sent home. So, the first group includes blondes Drew Ryniewicz and Caitlin Koch, The Answer, Audrey Turner (I don't remember her), belter/grandmother Elaine Gibbs, some nerdy kid named Clayton Senne, and Dexter Haygood. Well, they should mesh well. Their song? "Creep," by Radiohead. Even better. J. Mark would have a meltdown all over again. Not everyone in the group has heard it, which is a little worrying.

On to choreography. Brian Friedman, resplendent today in a feathered vest, says he's not choreographing, but helping them with whatever choreography they want to come up with. We flash back to Drew's first audition with the Justin Bieber song in Seattle, which explains why she doesn't know Radiohead. The Anser are pretty nervous, and Dexter Haygood is trying to remember the words. Flashback to his audition in Dallas, where he nearly got nixed for being a James Brown copycat. Brian isn't impressed with Dexter's moves like Jagger either. As for Audrey Turner, she's eager to prove herself as the 52-year-old former wife of the late Ike Turner. Wait, what? And this is the first we've heard of her on this show? After five hours of prep, the Wagnerian chorus chimes in as the judges return to the auditorium, where all seven groups will shortly be singing. Dexter has a tear rolling down his cheek as he interviews that this is all he is. Drew feels the same way, but it's less poignant coming from a 14-year-old Justin Bieber fan than from a 49-year-old homeless dude. Anyway, they're all feeling the pressure. Except Clayton Renne. Nobody cares about him.

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