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Putting the "Camp" in "Boot Camp"

The group performance starts with everyone split in half across the stage, except Drew in the center. It sounds like she comes in too early, but that could just be the editing. She solos on most of the first verse, starting a little too big with nowhere much left to go, and Dexter comes in on the "I wish I was special" line and takes it through a couple lines of the chorus. He nearly drives the song into the ditch, but The Anser pulls it out for the end of the chorus. Then it's Audrey's turn on the bridge, and whoa, she can sing. Elaine Gibbs belts the second verse where it normally gets quiet, and then Caitlin finishes it up. Finally everyone unites center stage as she sings the changed last line, "But we belong here." Not bad at all. The judges liked it too, but they disagree on whether Audrey or Dexter was the weak link. My vote would be Clayton, actually, since we never heard a word out of him.

Time to meet the next group: Jazzlyn Little, who was the last auditioner we saw last week; Melanie Amaro, who killed that Beyonce song; someone named Heather Gale; hat/hair guy Aaron Surgeon; Arin Ray, who I barely remember, if at all; and poor, desperate Stacy Francis. Their vocal coach tells them he wants them to seem like they've been singing together for fifteen years. Replay of Stacy Francis's glory note from yesterday, which combined with the previous iteration take up three years right there, and she tells the vocal coach she wants to fix it. The coach just says to make it believable. We're reminded of how nervous and shy Jazzlyn was until she blew away the audition audience, and apparently she still feels that way. Choreographer Brian tries to help them while waiting for Melanie to finish making suggestions for the vocal arrangement, and after another reminder of Stacy Francis's desperation, they're on. Their song is U2's "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," a slow arrangement that renders the song unrecognizable if you don't speak English. Or even if you do, because Jazzlyn blows the lyrics on the opening lines. It picks up and gets a little funky as Stacy takes it through the first chorus, and I will say that even if she's not too old to be doing this, she is probably too old for that pink micro-mini. Then Melanie takes over for the second verse, and everyone sings together for the next chorus, which I thought all the groups would do rather than just breaking it up into sections like the first group did. Afterwards, Jazzlyin is crying about having let her team down, which they unanimously assure her she didn't. I agree that she did sing the wrong words really well.

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