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Putting the "Camp" in "Boot Camp"

Next group: Burrito guy Josh Krajcik, yelly wedding DJ Tiger Budbill, boy-band wannabe Nick Dean, an R&B group called Kompl3te (they must be st0ppt), some kid named Andrew Muccitelli, and James Kenney and Thomas McAbee, whoever they are. This singing sausage party will be doing "Superman" by Five for Fighting. They work with the choreographer and the vocal coach, and we're reminded of how Josh blew the judges away while Tiger got a no from L.A. at his first audition, where it seemed like Simon said yes to him just to piss L.A. off. Montage of all of them talking about how determined they are, and we join the song in progress. Nick Dean demonstrates that at as a singer, he's not bad looking. James Kenney turns out to have a decent, throaty white-boy voice. Tiger sings a bit, only doing well on the loud part, and then Josh unsurprisingly steals the whole thing with the last chorus, which ends on everyone singing the last note in harmony. The judges seem to have formed more positive opinions on Tiger, at least.

Now we have a group made up of hipster-cheeseball Philip Lomax; Tiah Tolliver, the one Simon threw a conniption over last week; Chesi Spriggs and Robert Cruz, who I don't know; Kelly Warner, the chick who looks like an aerobics instructor in a 1980s teen comedy; Austin Simmons, who at least looks familiar with his tats and bleached hair, and Nick Voss, whose Elvis/Vanilla Ice hair has gotten even bigger. We're introduced to Chesi by way of an interview in which she says she doesn't just sing, she performs, and then we get a reminder of how Tiah really only impressed Simon at her first audition. Tiah is determined to prove herself to the other judges. She's ditched the bangs for this, though, which I think it what Simon liked most about her, so she might be in trouble. The group takes the stage to sing "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. It's clear that Nicole and Paula are still gunning for Tiah, but when it's her turn to sing, it's equally clear that they're impressed. Simon feels vindicated, and he's not quiet about it, either, even while they're still singing. Although after they've left the stage, he admits, "I've actually never felt so much anxiety over someone." Well, it's always nerve-wracking to ask someone out, Simon. The singers feel pretty good about their performance, and so do the judges. "How'd you get her on key?" L.A. asks the vocal coach. The backing track probably helped. "Aren't you glad you saved her?" says even Brian the choreographer. Paula admits as much.

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