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Putting the "Camp" in "Boot Camp"

How many more of these groups are left anyway? I thought Steve said there were seven, but I'm pretty sure I've written about thirteen so far. Anyway, we're up to Rachel Crow (sassy tween), cowboy Joshua Maddox, 4Shore (fix the name), Hayley Orrantia (drawing a blank here), group Illusion Confusion (all is forgiven, 4Shore!), and the previously unseen Caylie Gregorio, De'quan Allen and Ellona Santiago. Their song? "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. There's quite a bit of struggling in the vocal room, and the vocal coach even tells 4Shore not to harmonize. Which, I may have said something along those lines last week. Rachel Crow's a little out of her depth with this song, which the vocal coach admits is the toughest one of the bunch. Once they're out onstage and their song begins, it's soon obvious that if they have the hardest song, they also have the damn-cheesiest choreography. They don't make Glee kids do that stuff, for God's sake. Rachel almost pulls it out after all on her part, powering through some pitch issues, but the main 4Shore singer has more problems. As they leave the stage, Simon tells the others he wasn't expecting that. They don't seem too impressed with Ellona, however, probably because in an interview she's just so goddamn earnest. "I still have more to give," she maudlins. No thanks, we're good.

These guys have to be last, right? It's Siameze, someone named Jeremiah Pagan, a group called Song Preservation Society, a Cesar de la Rosa, duo McKenna and Brock, Stereo Hogzz and Emily Michalak. As they split up their song, someone asks, "Where's the guy with the onesie on?" Yes, that would be Siameze. We're reintroduced to McKenna and Brock, who are not dating even though Brock wants to. He interviews that they've been spending a lot of time together, and -- glory be! McKenna interviews that she's hoping there will be a relationship very soon. Although she could be talking about anyone. After a look at what seems like some chaotic rehearsal time, Emily Michalak, 12, is starting to freak out a bit. Her teammates buck her up, because what else are they going to do? They take the stage for a slow Snow Patrol song, as if there's any other kind. And it's soon clear why Emily was nervous: they gave her the big fat chorus. She does well with it, though, although it kind of falls apart as the group jumps in and passes it over to the Stereo Hoggz, who rescue it. Jeremiah Pagan turns out to be a high-voiced ringer, and the whole group finishes it up en masse, actually sounding pretty cool. As they leave the stage, Nicole asks Simon how many get ditched today, and he tells her, "About half." They're on the fence about Siameze and liked Emily, but Simon dismisses someone as a wannabe. Aren't they all?

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