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Hustle in Florida

Jennel Garcia is feeling pretty alone, this being her first time away from her parents. Jillian Jensen comes over to bond with her or buck her up or just provide some interaction for the cameras. Back inside, Jennel ends up giving the performance the judges were expecting from Jessica. And rather hotter, almost inappropriately so. Every other female in the competition hates her right now. "Very spicy," L.A. says diplomatically.

After the ads, it's Vino Alan's turn. He's dealing with the stress by somehow becoming even mellower. If he ever gets shot at or finds himself in a burning building, he's going to pass right out. He sings "Bad Company" by some '70s band whose name I can't seem to remember right now. Simon and L.A. like him, but Britney can't quite put her finger on why he's only a maybe for her. I'm thinking it's the head tattoos.

Simon calls up Johnny Maxwell, who stumbles over the words to "I'll Be Missing You" so badly that Simon begs for things to not get any worse. So here comes Jordyn Foley, who proves to have peaked with her "Tomorrow" audition. Manny Acosta, who I don't remember, has some kind of falsetto seizure; Trevor Moran rolls out his obnoxious 13-year-old dork shtick with "Starships," making the judges realize their mistake in bringing him to Miami in the first place. Nick Perrelli does a weak duet on "Feelin' Good" with his overpowering terror. Jake Garza, 12, can't even get through the first verse of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" without losing first his voice and then his place in the song while his mom helplessly looks on. "Okay, thank you," says Simon, because it's not yet time to give anyone answers or feedback, otherwise this kid would already be soaring over the theater in an ejector seat. Jake cries and says he wants his mom, who is led backstage to comfort him. But not before Britney offers this trenchant analysis: "I'm saaad."

Time for a string of groups. Emblem3 disses the other boy bands in the competition and then we see L3vel (not seen before) and Citizen (alas, seen before) and Jetset (not seen until now) fail to impress before Emblem3 gets their turn. They do a weird 6/8 version of "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls with a lot of wandering around (and near-collisions) in place of choreography. Simon thinks the guy in the hat is by far the best. Which means he might be going on in the competition as a soloist. They could also make a group that includes Trevor Moran (the guy with the bridal veil) and the guy in the wheelchair, and it's not like anyone could stop them.

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