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Putting the "Boot" in "Boot Camp"

Wait, we're not done? Okay, fine. After Steve and the editors do what they can to pump up suspense, it's time for the judges to deliberate while the contestants worry. The judges sort through the headshots pretty quickly, and Steve tells us, "All that's left to do now is tell the acts." And then we'll be done?

Again, it's three groups of hopefuls who are brought out onstage to stand on the firing line. The first group includes Emma Henry, Reina Whatsherface, and a bunch of people I barely remember, if at all. Paula gives them a long speech before saying, "Although you did a wonderful job, I'm sorry to say it ends tonight." Most of them keep it together at least until they get off the stage and have to do the walk of shame up the aisle past the judges. But once they're in the lobby, it's a little less quiet. Reina rants that maybe she's just too talented (that's not it).

The next batch might be on the line. It includes Siameze, Tiah Tolliver, Chris Rene, Nick Voss, Tora Whatchamathingy, and a bunch of randoms. Nicole's the one who breaks the news this time, congratulating them on making it this far, "But I have to be honest and speak from my heart. You've made it through to the next round." Oh, Nicole. Sure, now we see some yelling, and about half the people there take a dive onto the stage before joining the celebration out in the lobby.

Third group: Simon says it was an easy decision: "It's not good news." But Stacy Francis! Melanie Whatsername! Simon finishes, "It's great news." The Brewer Boys and Christa Collins and Nick Dean made it too, as did both Renes. Tiger Budbill makes a tearful call home to say he's in. "That was the call I wanted to make," he tells us. As loud as he sings, I'm surprised he needed a phone.

So after the ads (still not done, I guess), Steve tells us that the remaining 64 acts are about to learn what comes next. Simon starts by telling them all that half of them will be gone after tomorrow. But tonight, they'll be given 35 songs. Wow, that's a lot of singing! Oh, no, they only have to pick one each. Simon and L.A. give them a pep talk, and Simon adds that when they come back to do their songs tomorrow, there'll be three thousand people in the audience. Where is he finding these audiences? Instead of explaining that, Steve explains the next stages of the competition, which you and I already know about so I'm not going over all of it again.

Next day, and a montage of early-morning preparations and a day of rehearsal with the vocal coaches, choreographers, and musicians. Crowds start forming outside, and the audience fills the place so the judges can make yet another big entrance. Surprisingly, though, they tone it down this time.

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