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Coming back, the judges are scattered around the country waiting to hear what category each of them is going to get. L.A. says he has no interest in either the Groups or the Over 25s. Demi wants the Young Adults, while Britney wants to mold the young talent in the Teens group. Either mold or mildew it, one of the two. She's the first one who gets the call from the producers, on her cell phone in the control room of a recording studio (appropriately enough, since that's the part of the studio where most of the work on her songs gets done), and she's happy to hear that she's going to be mentoring the Teens. Simon gets a call saying he's going to be mentoring the Groups, which doesn't thrill him, but he promises to make the most of it. "I'm happy for them," he says graciously. Demi is happy to get word that she's going to be doing the Young Adults, just like she wanted. As for L.A., when the voice on the phone tells him he's mentoring the Over 25s, he bangs the handset down repeatedly without answering. Cue the inter-judge trash-talking over the phone. Except for L.A., who's in such a funk over this that he doesn't want to talk to anyone at all.

Cut to Miami Beach, Florida, where the eighty-some members of the Groups category are being ferried into shore on a yacht, looking like the whitest hip-hop music video ever. They don't yet know which judge they're getting, let alone that he's not all that thrilled to meet them. The boat docks at Simon's blinding white Miami pad, and he seems to have improved his attitude about the category in the interim. He brings out his guest mentor, Marc Anthony, who greets them without flinching from the direct sunlight somehow.

The six young adults ride in a limo, speculating on who their mentor is going to be. The fact that they're in Los Angeles doesn't really narrow it down, though. They show up at a loft and wait, jumping up happily when Demi comes out. Of course their judge was going to be the only one who doesn't own a house. Her guest mentor is, who else, Nick Jonas. I remember when they were in a heavily-marketed cable TV movie together, because the store shelves were packed with unwanted Camp Rock merch instead of the Wall-E stuff my kid was after that summer. I'm over it, though. Mostly.

In Malibu, the teens get to ride in an SUV to Britney's hillside home overlooking the ocean, and wait excitedly by her pool until she comes out. Her guest mentor: will.i.am. The teens are pretty excited to see him, but I bet they'd rather have L.A.'s guest judge.

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